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Franz Kafka

Created by sullengirl20

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Franz Kafka game quiz
"This is a quiz I made about Franz Kafka. Enjoy."

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1. Where did Kafka work most of his life, despite his law degree?
    In his father's store
    He was unemployed
    The Worker's Accident Insurance Company
    As a prostitute

2. In the book 'The Trial,' who is the main character?
    Gregor S.
    Joseph K.

3. Where did Franz grow up?
    New York City

4. How many times had Franz Kafka actually been engaged?

5. True or false: All of Kafka's sisters died in Nazi concentration camps.
    Answer: (True or false)

6. Fill in the blank: Kafka's friend Max Brod was a _______ and influenced Franz to become interested in the ideology as well, later in his life.
    National Socialist

7. Which of the following did Kafka not write?
    A Country Doctor
    The Plague
    The Burrow

8. Whose biography was one of Franz Kafka's favorite books?
    Bette Davis
    Helen Keller
    Ben Franklin

9. Kafka corresponded with a certain woman mostly via mail, and most believe he was not in love with her, but created an image of her that she could not fulfill. Who was this woman Franz was engaged to marry twice?
    Answer: (F B)

10. In 'The Metamorphosis,' what Christmas gift does Gregor want to give Grete?
    He wants to give her a new red dress
    He wants to buy her a new violin
    He wants to set her up with a coworker
    He wants to send her to the Conservatorium

11. What was Kafka's last request to Max Brod and Dora Diamant?
    To cremate him
    To burn his writings
    To publish all of his works
    To be good

12. When was Franz Kafka born and when did he die?
    July 3, 1900 to June 3, 1940
    July 3, 1884 to June 3, 1925
    July 3, 1883 to June 3, 1924
    August 2, 1902 to August 18, 1984

13. How many sisters did Franz have?

14. Who was Milena Jesenska, one of Kafka's 'girlfriends,' married to?
    Max Brod
    Isaac Lowy
    Vladimir Lenin
    Ernst Polak

15. 'Kafkaesque' is a real word in use in English.

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