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Fractured Nations

Created by robynraymer

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Geography - Wordplay
Fractured Nations game quiz
"Thanks to crisw for creating fractured-name quizzes. I give you a nation's name in fractured form. For example: Singer pour is Singapore. You type in the nation's name. Spelling counts! To add interesting info about any of these nations, send me a note."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Off gannet stand
    Answer: (bad stuff going on over there)

2. You knighted steaks ovum Erica
    Answer: (no clue needed)

3. Ooze Becky's tan
    Answer: (Spelling counts!)

4. Ear rock
    Answer: (no hint needed)

5. Coup weight
    Answer: (tiny but wealthy)

6. Purr roux
    Answer: (Andes)

7. You crane
    Answer: (no clue needed)

8. Knorr weigh
    Answer: (no clue needed)

9. Azure buy Sean
    Answer: (a SW Asian nation)

10. Ewe nigh Ted kin dome
    Answer: (no hint needed)

11. Ill salver door
    Answer: (Central American nation)

12. Camera rune
    Answer: (African nation)

13. Porch you gull
    Answer: (no clue needed)

14. Moe's Sam beak
    Answer: (African nation)

15. Bellow roost
    Answer: (Russian neighbor and ally)

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Compiled Jan 29 13