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Fractured States

Created by robynraymer

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Geography - Wordplay
Fractured States game quiz
"Thanks again to crisw for the original Fractured Fairy Tales quiz. I give you a state's name in fractured form, like Minnie's soda for Minnesota. You type in the name. Send me special state info and I'll add it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Aura gun
    Answer: (northwest)

2. Ms. Hurry
    Answer: (no clue needed)

3. Era zone gnaw
    Answer: (southwest)

4. Knew Max ago
    Answer: (southwest)

5. Lieu easy Anna
    Answer: (You should go there, cher.)

6. Merry lend
    Answer: (east coast)

7. Pencil veiny awe
    Answer: (Quaker state)

8. Norse duck coda
    Answer: (Fargo)

9. Hill annoy
    Answer: (Sears Tower)

10. Wisk constant
    Answer: (cheddar)

11. Collar raw dough
    Answer: (Rocky Mountains)

12. Indy Anne gnaw
    Answer: (Midwest)

13. Oh why he?
    Answer: (Aloha)

14. Kin ducky
    Answer: (Derby)

15. Souse care align gnaw
    Answer: (It's way down there.)

16. Tennis sea
    Answer: (And who could forget Elvis, who settled in Memphis?)

17. Why homing?
    Answer: (north)

18. A last caw
    Answer: (Ain't in the Lower 48.)

19. Dill oh where?
    Answer: (a little one)

20. Row dial end
    Answer: (another little one)

21. Hearken saw
    Answer: (no hint needed)

22. Here's a freebie: Mane
    Answer: (Kennebunkport)

23. Knew yolk
    Answer: (no hint needed)

24. Verge Jenny awe
    Answer: (named after Elizabeth I)

25. Mitch again
    Answer: (near Canada)

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Compiled Jan 29 13