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Fractured Animal Names

Created by robynraymer

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Fractured Animal Names game quiz
"Thanks to crisw for thinking up fractured quizzes. I give you a famous animal's name in fractured form, e.g. Ran Tan Ten=Rin Tin Tin. These are all fictional animals. You type in the name."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Bloke Bowtie
    Answer: (a horse)

2. Shallot the spy deer
    Answer: (3 Words)

3. Pater Robot
    Answer: (Flopsy's bro)

4. Congo and Bobby Roux
    Answer: (2 {animals;} 4 words)

5. Cushion Boats
    Answer: (Use an apostrophe in place of an i. Three words.)

6. Phalanx the Cot
    Answer: (no hint needed)

7. Muster Towed
    Answer: (Kenneth Grahame)

8. A harder one: Bag Wag or Bagwag
    Answer: (Watership Down)

9. The Tree Bully Groats Grief
    Answer: (5 Words)

10. Friday the Prig
    Answer: (Walter R. Brooks)

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Compiled Jun 28 12