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The Golden Statuette

Created by gatsby722

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The Golden Statuette game quiz
"A few questions about Oscar winning or losing productions and performers. All questions are valid as of Oct 2001. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I finally won for 'Terms Of Endearment'. What was a film I was nominated for but lost?
    The Wrong Box
    An Officer And A Gentleman
    Steel Magnolias
    Some Came Running

2. Two Oscar winners have played me. One on screen, the other on TV. What is my character's name?
    Blanche DuBois
    Cyrano DeBergerac
    Elmer Gantry

3. At last. I finally got my acting Oscar for 'Affliction'. After how many previous nominations?

4. I won for 'The Piano'. By the way---what happened to my piano in the movie?
    It was traded for a divorce
    It burned in a fire
    It fell off a boat
    It was smashed up with an axe

5. I wrote the novel that won two people acting Oscars in the same film based on it. Who am I?
    James Michener
    Tennessee Williams
    Margaret Mitchell
    Harper Lee

6. I got an Oscar for acting once and songwriting another time. Who was my co-star in the one I won the song award for?
    Kris Kristofferson
    Robert Redford
    Omar Sharif
    Mandy Patinkin

7. I won two Oscars and played Howard Hughes once. But I didn't win playing him. Who am I?
    Jack Nicholson
    Jason Robards
    Marlon Brando
    Tom Hanks playing the young Howard

8. In 'Melvin and Howard', I DID score a nomination and won the award for my performance. My latest husband, in real life, shows up on which of these TV shows?
    None of these
    Dharma And Greg
    The District

9. How embarrassing! I was the only actress nominated twice in the same year who didn't win either Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress, both of which I was contending for. Who am I?
    Fay Bainter
    Sigourney Weaver
    Holly Hunter
    Jessica Lange

10. I had one Oscar nominated performance and now show up on this hit sitcom in 2001? I am a man. What show am I on?
    Will and Grace
    The King Of Queens
    The Gilmore Girls
    Everybody Loves Raymond

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Compiled Jun 28 12