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James I, King Of England

Created by gywalgi

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James I King Of England game quiz
"He was the Sixth (of Scotland) before being the First (of England). Son of Mary Stuart he tried to restore the autocracy of the monarchy and succeeded for a while, his son will later pay for it..."

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1. James is born in 1566 in Scotland. His mother was the famous Mary Stuart, but who was his father?
    Lord Darnley
    Francois II of France
    Lord Bothwell
    Earl of Lennox

2. James became King of Scotland in 1567. His father was dead and his mother was jailed in Lochleven Castle. Who governed the Kingdom as Regent?
    Lord Methven
    Earl of Gowrie
    Earl of Morton
    Earl of Angus

3. As soon as James became King of England, three serious problems requesting an immediate solution presented themselves to him. Which is not one of them?
    An increase of the Puritan movement who wished to eradicate all Roman Catholics rites from the Churc
    A very strong Parliament who was seeking a larger participation in state and Church affairs
    A war against Spain
    A Catholic rebellion

4. In 1598, before he left Scotland, James wrote a book in which he compared Kings to Gods. What is the title of this book? (It's also known as 'The Kingly Gift')
    Answer: (Two Words)

5. At the beginning of James's reign, Sir Robert Cecil was his chief minister. James, satisfied by Cecil's work made him an Earl. Which earldom was attributed to Cecil?

6. James married Anne of Denmark in 1589. The royal couple had 6 children (some sources say 9), but basically James was homosexual. His first favourite was a Scotsman married to Frances Howard, the daughter of the Earl of Suffolk. This man rose to power in 1610, but after being accused of murder in 1616, his influence on the King came to its end. Who was he?
    Lionel Cranfield
    William Seymour
    Archibald Douglas
    Robert Carr

7. When James inherited the throne of England, he made important changes to the royal coat of arms. Which element appeared for the first time in the third quarter of the English coat?
    The Unicorn
    The French and English quartered arms
    The harp of Ireland
    The Lion

8. George Villiers was the most famous of James's favourites. Under which name do we know him better?
    Answer: (Duke of....)

9. Towards the end of his reign, James' Lord Chancellor was deprived of all his offices for taking bribes. Who was this notorious man?
    Lionel Cranfield
    Walter Raleigh
    Francis Bacon
    The Duke of Buckingham

10. When did James die?
    27 March 1625
    27 April 1625
    27 February 1625
    27 January 1625

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