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General Science Part I

Created by wimm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Miscellaneous Science
General Science Part I game quiz
"Did you know there is a lot of fun science trivia around? Some of these will leave you puzzled, but hey, you can try them out at home, kids :-) Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. People who tend to go out sometimes, may have noticed that the ice cubes you get in your drink are usually 'see-throughs'. They almost seem like glass, bright and shiny. Can you make the same ice cubes in your freezer?

2. The amount of bubbles in a beer and the firmness of the foam is dependent on:
    all of these
    the glass that is used
    the alcohol content of the beer
    the amount of dissolved CO2 in it

3. There is a simple trick to see if your fancy knives are really of a good quality stainless steel. What could you use on the spot to see if it is really good stainless steel?
    a diamond (to make a scratch)
    a pen
    a hand magnifying glass
    a magnet

4. If you want to see what an iron crystal looks like, you could go to which European city to watch 'the Atomium'?

5. When I fill a balloon with water and I hold a burning candle underneath it for ten seconds, the balloon will explode.

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Compiled Sep 07 14