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Ohio State Buckeyes Football

Created by Southeastern32

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Ohio State Buckeyes Football game quiz
"Various trivia on the Ohio State Buckeyes."

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1. What high school did Art Schleister attend?
    Washington Courthouse
    Miami Trace
    West Jefferson

2. This former Ohio State assistant coach beat Ohio State. Who is he?
    Fred Pugac
    Mike Jacobs
    Walt Harris
    Lou Holtz

3. Where was Woody Hayes born?

4. How many national championships did Woody Hayes win while he was coaching at Ohio State?

5. Who did Woody Hayes punch in the 1978 Gator Bowl?
    Bubba Brown
    Charlie Bauman
    George Rogers
    Lawrence Taylor

6. How many yards did Eddie George rush for against Illinois to break Keith Byar's single game rushing record?

7. Who was Ohio State's leading Heisman candidate in 1984?
    Mike Tomzak
    Art Schleister
    Robert Smith
    Keith Byars

8. Who was the quarterback for Ohio State in the 1985 Rose Bowl?
    Mike Tomzak
    Tom Tupa
    Bobby Hoying
    Kirk Herbstreit

9. Who was the starting Freshman linebacker on the 1996 Ohio State football team?
    Andy Katzenmoyer
    Greg Bellisari
    Ryan Miller
    Joe Cooper

10. Who was the quarterback who lead the Buckeyes to victory in the 1997 Rose Bowl?
    Tommy Hoying
    Stanely Jackson
    Joe Germaine
    Bobby Hoying

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