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'Scrooge' Movie

Created by DillPickle

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Scrooge Movie game quiz
"This quiz is about the 1970 movie 'Scrooge' starring Albert Finney in the title role."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is unique about this movie version of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'?
    It is a musical version
    Tiny Tim dies
    The characters are different
    It is the only colorized version

2. What famous actor plays the part of Jacob Marley?
    Answer: (Two Words)

3. What time of the evening was Bob Cratchit's work day over?
    9 PM
    7 PM
    6 PM
    5 PM

4. What Christmas item did Bob Cratchit pay four-pence for on Christmas Eve?
    5 wrapped packages
    The goose
    A Christmas pudding

5. What was listed in the black book that Scrooge carried with him?
    A recod of every penny he had ever earned
    Names of people who owed him money
    A record of every penny he had ever spent

6. What did the street boys mockingly call Scrooge as he walked through the street?
    Old Humbug
    Santa Claus
    Father Christmas
    St. Nicholas

7. When Tom Jenkins, a street vendor, dances through the streets singing 'Thank You Very Much,' who was he singing to?
    The Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come

8. What does the Spirit of Christmas Present give Scrooge to drink in the golden goblet?
    A sedative
    The milk of human kindness

9. When the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come cast Scrooge through his grave into hell who was there to greet him?
    No one
    Ignorance and Want

10. What is Scrooge's chamber in hell like?
    It is full of wasps
    It is freezing
    It is next door to Satan himself
    It is an oven

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Compiled Jun 28 12