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General Science Part II

Created by wimm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Miscellaneous Science
General Science Part II game quiz
"This is part two in the series. I'm trying to use every-day stuff to prove everyone that science is all around and can be fun. Enjoy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This one is for the ladies. A fairly new development in jewelry technology is the use of a specific type of alloy for bracelets for instance. Take a spiral that looks perfect for your arm (but you won't be able to squeeze your hand through), put it in cold water, deform it by stretching the spiral, put your arm in, and when the temperature of the spiral reaches your body temperature it will return to its prior form and you'll get a very nice fitting bracelet... Do you know the scientific (not trade) name for this kind of alloy?
    Answer: (acronym is SMA)

2. Let's get spacey now. Suppose I'm sitting on my favorite chair somewhere out in space. Suppose you are driving some kind of spacemobile with a big monochromatic yellow lamp on top. Suppose the lamp is burning, of course. When you're driving directly towards me (at high speed, of course), what kind of light will I see?
    yellow, but pulsating

3. Suppose you have a big aquarium in your living room. When you put a wooden plate in the water with a rock firmly attached to the top of the plate, the water level will change. Take this new level as a reference. What happens to this level when you turn the plate upside down and the rock is under the plate?
    level will decrease
    level will increase
    level may increase or decrease

4. When I take your favorite CD and tell you I'll make a scratch of 5 mm long and 1 mm deep on it, you'll freak out. But I give you some choices on the position of the scratch. Which choice is the MOST dangerous for your CD and should not be chosen (remember: the topside is the one with the printing on it)?
    circumferencial on the backside
    circumferencial on the topside
    radial on the topside
    radial on the backside

5. Let's put a cube on a table, resting on one of its sideplanes. What happens to the pressure applied by the cube on the table when I double the dimensions of the cube (using the same material)?
    x 4
    x 8
    x 2

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Compiled Jun 28 12