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Nellie Bly

Created by meadowzephyr

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Nellie Bly game quiz
"Do you love journalism? Then you should be familiar with the hightly influential Nellie Bly. Although a lot of this comes from my own knowledge, a lot of it comes from the PBS series 'The American Experience'."

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1. Nellie Bly was not always known by this pseudonym. What was her given name?
    Elizabeth Cochrane
    Jane Holden
    Rebecca Elderman
    Aida Livingstone

2. Where did Nellie Bly get the idea for her pseudonym from?
    Her mother
    It was the name of the first recorded woman journalist
    It was suggested to her by her first editor
    A popular folk song about a person named Nellie Bly

3. As a child what was Nellie Bly's nickname?

4. How did she land her first job in journalism?
    Published her autobiography
    she dressed as a man
    Marched into a publishing company and demanded it
    Wrote a scathing editorial

5. Nellie Bly is credited with starting what journalistic movement?
    Advice Columns
    Red Journalism
    Yellow Journalism
    Stunt journalism

6. How long did Nellie Bly stay at Blackwell Island?
    5 days
    10 days
    one week
    3 days

7. One of Nellie Bly's most famous journalistic stunts was making an attempt to jouney around the world in eighty days. How long did it take Nellie Bly to travel around the world?
    80 days
    89 days
    72 days
    99 days

8. Nellie Bly was the only woman who attempted the feat of travelling around the world in eighty days or less.

9. A man was originally slated for the journey that was to rival the fictional Phileas Fogg's journey around the world in eighty days.

10. Who did Nellie Bly dine with on her voyage around the world?
    The Prime Minister of England
    Jules Verne
    The Queen of England
    A theater troupe

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Compiled Sep 01 13