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'Magnum P.I.' Trivia

Created by carolinecaleb

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Magnum PI Trivia game quiz
"Here's a quiz for all those who miss Magnum, Higgins, and the gang!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do 'T.C.' 's initials stand for?
    Timothy Carl
    Theodore Calvin
    Terrance Christopher
    Tyler Calhoun

2. What was the name of the detective from St. Louis who 'assisted' Magnum on several cases?
    Luke Gibbons
    Luther Gillis
    Lucky George
    Loser Larry

3. Which of these detectives from other shows was NOT a guest star on 'Magnum, PI' ?
    Angela Lansbury
    Jameson Parker
    James Garner
    Gerald McRaney

4. Which of the following was NOT a guest star on 'Magnum PI'?
    Robert Reed
    Frank Sinatra
    Carol Channing
    Ted Danson

5. Which of the following WAS a guest star on 'Magnum PI'?
    Jack Lord
    Lucille Ball
    Carol Burnett
    John Ritter

6. What was the favorite snack that Magnum often used to bribe his friend Mac?
    chili dogs
    oreo cookies
    french fries

7. What was the name of Magnum's favorite baseball team?
    Cleveland Indians
    Detroit Tigers
    New York Yankees
    Boston Red Sox

8. What famous double-play combination did a cameo guest star appearance on 'Magnum PI'?
    Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker
    Tommy Herr and Ozzie Smith
    Willie Randolph and Bucky Dent
    Jerry Remy and Rick Burleson

9. What was Higgins' famous exclamation (HINT: He usually uttered this when Magnum was in trouble-again!)?
    OH MY GOD!

10. What was the name of Tom Selleck's real-life wife who guest-starred in a 'Magnum PI' episode (HINT: Think of Higgins as Rex Harrison in 'My Fair Lady')?
    Morgan Fairchild
    Dana Delaney
    Jillie Mack
    Sharon Stone

11. What were the names of Magnum's Vietnamese wife and daughter, respectively?
    Jade and Ling
    Michele and Lily
    Lin and Amy
    Mia and Anna

12. What was the name of Rick's source for info from the Honolulu's underworld?
    Vanilla Ice
    Iced T
    Ice Pick

13. What was the name of Magnum's friend who worked for the DA's office?

14. Which state did Thomas Sullivan Magnum grow up in?
    West Virginia

15. Here's a simple one for 'Magnum' fans to end with- What is Rick's full name on the show?
    Orville Wilbur Richard Wright
    Orville Wilbur Richards
    Richard Wilbur Wright
    Richard Orvillle Richards

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Compiled Jun 28 12