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Postage Stamp Collecting

Created by JCSon

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Postage Stamp Collecting game quiz
"For the avid stamp collector. How much do you know? The Uniform Penny Post originated in England on January 10, 1840 and the first postage stamp was produced in May, 1840."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the term that describes the collection and study of postage stamps, covers, and related post material?
    Answer: (One Word, spelling counts)

2. What is the distinction of the world famous 'Penny Black'?
    the world's first postage stamp
    the world's rarest postage stamp
    the world's most valuable postage stamp
    the world's smallest postage stamp

3. Which of these sold for just under $1 million in 1980, making it the world's most valuable postage stamp at the time?
    Penny Black
    Blackjack Issue
    Inverted Jenny
    British Guiana 1 cent stamp

4. What term is used to describe postage stamps in unused, original condition, just as they came from the Post Office?

5. Who invented the aforementioned 'Penny Black'?
    Sir Rowland Hill
    Theodore Flannigan
    Sir Wallace Cornwall
    Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr.

6. What term is used to refer to a stamp showing a production which is not constant?

7. Approximately how many stamp collectors are there in the United States?
    22 million
    35 million

8. Who was the first person in the world, other than a head of state, to be pictured on a stamp?
    Benjamin Disraeli
    Sir Wallace Cornwall
    Herbert Hoover
    Benjamin Franklin

9. What foreign country was first to issue Disney stamps?
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    San Marino

10. What country issued the world's longest pictorial set?

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Compiled Jan 08 14