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The Shakespeare Stealer

Created by Holes

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The Shakespeare Stealer game quiz
"This is a quiz on the book 'The Shakespeare Stealer' by Gary Blackwood. Please enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What did Falconer call the noble people sitting near the stage?
    Answer: (Two Words)

2. What did Falconer tell Widge to do that Widge thought was wicked?
    Put his Sunday clothes on on a normal day
    Steal plays
    Eat sugar in his porrige

3. When Widge and Falconer went to London, what was on the path that startled Widge's horse?
    A hare
    A frog
    A snake
    A steep cliff

4. What was the plea for help on the plague house's door?
    'Dear Jesus, save us'
    'Jesus have mercy on us'
    'Help us, God'
    'Lord have mercy on us'

5. At what point in the show did Widge stop writing?
    Hamlet kills Polonius
    Never, not until the end
    We don't know
    Ophelia drowns herself

6. Why did Falconer lose their lodgings in London?
    He didn't have any more money
    He killed a lodger
    He killed the innkeeper
    He stole a horse

7. What did the cannoneer call Widge?
    Something too rude to repeat
    A stupid country wight
    An overdressed fop
    A hoddypeak

8. What cheese was Sander thin as?

9. What title did Widge give himself?
    Master of Dodging
    Master of Painting
    Master of Lines
    Master of Acting

10. Who did Julian call on when Widge pretended (very convincingly) to be stabbed?
    Mother Mary
    Lord Almighty
    Dear God

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Compiled Jun 28 12