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UK Number One Singles 1982

Created by btpriest

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UK Number One Singles 1982 game quiz
"Ah, 1982. Some of the acts that topped the charts that year have gone on to further musical genius, others switched to TV or films, and some faded into obscurity. This quiz asks about the songs that gave them fame, and what they are doing now."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 'Land of Make Believe': Which popular BBC children's TV show was, for a while, co-hosted by Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker?
    'Blue Peter'
    'Saturday Superstore'
    'Play School'
    'Record Breakers'

2. 'The Model': Kraftwerk released a single based on which annual European sporting event?
    German Grand Prix
    UEFA Cup Final
    Oxford - Cambridge Boat Race
    Tour de France

3. 'A Town Called Malice': A 1978 Jam single shares its name with a Sunday newspaper. What is it?
    'Sunday Times'
    'News of the World'
    'Sunday Mirror'

4. 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight': Name Tightfit's follow-up Top Twenty hit from June 1982.
    'Fantasy Island'
    'Disco in the Jungle'
    'Stars on 45'
    'Sailing the Seven Seas'

5. 'Seven Tears': Which German founded the Goombay Dance Band?
    Umlaht Schweischen
    Fran Gauss-Manne
    Oliver Bendt
    Ulricht Hoppe

6. 'Ebony and Ivory': This song is taken from which Paul McCartney album?
    'Back to the Egg'
    'Give My Regards to Broad Street'
    'London Town'
    'Tug of War'

7. 'A Little Peace': The 1982 Eurovision Song Contest, won by Nicole for West Germany, was broadcast from Harrogate. Which newsreader was the show's hostess?
    Jan Leeming
    Anna Ford
    Angela Rippon
    Carol Barnes

8. 'House of Fun': Which Channel 5 show did Madness lead singer Suggs go on to present?
    'Pepsi Chart'
    'Fort Boyard'
    'Night Fever'

9. 'I've Never Been To Me': This song features in which film?
    'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'
    'Time Stands Still'
    'The Last Dragon'
    'Hit and Run'

10. 'Happy Talk': This song was written for which stage musical?
    'South Pacific'
    'Pirates of Penzance'

11. 'Come On Eileen': This single release is fully credited as Dexy's Midnight Runners featuring Kevin Rowland and the WHAT Express?

12. 'Eye Of The Tiger': From which Rocky film sequel is this song taken?
    'Rocky V'
    'Rocky II'
    'Rocky III'
    'Rocky IV'

13. 'Pass the Dutchie': Musical Youth hail from which English city?

14. 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?': In 1987, Boy George reached No 1 with a solo single, 'Everything I Own'. This was written by David Gates from Bread, but who reached the top of the charts with it in 1974?
    David Gates
    Fred Nash
    Jim Diamond
    Ken Boothe

15. 'Save Your Love': What was unusual about the video for this Anglo-Italian lovesong (!)
    The jumper Renato was wearing became a fashion essential.
    The 'Renee' in the video was not the same woman who recorded the song.
    It was filmed in a monastery without the monks' permission.
    When shooting the video, Renee and Renato sang in Italian: the English lyrics were dubbed on.

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