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A Little Taste of Bluegrass

Created by LindaC007

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A Little Taste of Bluegrass game quiz
"Bluegrass is traditional country music at its finest. It is a beautiful, haunting music, featuring rich vocal harmonies backed up with such string instruments as banjo, mandolin, guitar, and fiddle."

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1. With his Blue Grass Boys, this man crystallized the sound that is called bluegrass. Who is the 'father' of the bluegrass sound?
    Bill Monroe
    Mac Wiseman
    Doc Watson
    Pee Wee Lambert

2. The Stanley Brothers (Carter and Ralph) not only developed their own unique style but also greatly influenced the bluegrass sound. What was the name of their group?
    The Sunny Mountain Boys
    The Virginia Boys
    The Clinch Mountain Boys
    The Tennessee Cutups

3. What is the trademark instrument of bluegrass great, Bill Monroe?

4. Which of the following duos started out as members of Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys?
    Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
    Jim and Jesse McReynolds
    Ralph and Carter Stanley
    Bobby and Sonny Osbourne

5. How did Flatt and Scruggs choose the name of their band, The Foggy Mountain Boys?
    Lester Flatt's hometown was Foggy Mountain, TN.
    It comes from the song 'Foggy Mountaintop' by the Carter Family.
    Earl Scruggs was born in the Great Smoky Mountains.
    Scruggs said that playing in country music bars was 'Like looking down from a foggy mountaintop'.

6. Which of the following was in both The Foggy Mountain Boys and The Blue Grass Boys?
    Jimmy Martin
    Jim McReynolds
    Arthur Lee 'Red' Smiley
    Mac Wiseman

7. Who is best known for his three-finger picking of a five-string banjo?
    Earl Scruggs
    Doc Watson
    Lester Flatt
    Curly Joe Cline

8. Bluegrass legends Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs recorded and traveled together until Flatt's death in 1979.

9. Which University of Wisconsin and Julliard graduate whose banjo picking is featured on "Deliverance" proves you do not have to be a 'good ol' Southern boy' to pick a mean banjo?
    J. D. Crowe
    Ralph Stanley
    Eric Weissberg
    Earl Scruggs

10. Not only men are famous in bluegrass. This lady is a talented fiddler and her lovely vocals were featured on the songs 'Down to the River to Pray', 'Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby', and 'I'll Fly Away' on the movie soundtrack of 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'.
    Alison Krauss
    Reba McIntire
    Dolly Parton
    June Carter Cash

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