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Familiar Names, Unknown People

Created by robert362

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Familiar Names Unknown People game quiz
"There are many people whose names are familiar to us, but we know little about the lives of these people. This quiz will probably be difficult, but will hopefully also be informative."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Noah Webster is intimately associated with the idea of a dictionary. When did Webster live?
    World War II Period
    American Civil War Period
    American Revolutionary Period
    World War I Period

2. The mention of the word "thesaurus" immediately makes one think of (Peter Mark) Roget. What was unusual about Roget's work?
    He created it despite opposition from many prominent people
    He started it at a very young age
    He started it at a very old age
    He created it without any formal education of any kind

3. John Bartlett's name is closely associated with familiar quotations.
What did Bartlett do for a living?
    Worked in a bookstore

4. Robert Ripley gave us "Ripley's Believe It or Not". Which of the following is true about Ripley's life?
    He had a background as an artist and cartoonist
    He traveled extensively
    He had an interest in professional sports
    All of these

5. Henry Robert gave us "Robert's Rules of Order". Who was Robert?
    Army Engineer

6. Clausewitz (or Von Clausewitz) is most closely associated with what area?
    Scientific Research

7. Kate Turabian is associated with what area of expertise?
    Writing Style
    Fine Arts

8. In what area is Judith Martin famous?
    Stamp & Coin collecting

9. We all know a bit about Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell--how about George Eastman--the key figure in the development of Eastman Kodak. Which statement is true of him?
    Privileged background
    Physically handicapped
    Child prodigy
    Horatio Alger type success story

10. Everyone has heard of the "King James Bible". Of whom was he a contemporary?
    George Washington
    William the Conqueror

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Compiled Jun 28 12