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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Created by dobrov

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes game quiz
"This quiz concentrates on the wonderful novel, but includes material on the movie and the musical as well. By the way, the spelling mistakes are Lorelei's and not mine! After all, she only went to business college 'for about a week'."

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1. The novel 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' was published in 1925. Who wrote it?
    Dorothy Parker
    Robert Benchley
    James Thurber
    Anita Loos

2. In the stage and film incarnations of the story Lorelei Lee and her sidekick Dorothy are showgirls. What does Lorelei do for a living in the novel?
    Dancer in the Follies
    Lounge singer
    Artist's model
    It's unspecified

3. Although much earlier versions of both the play and a film exist, the novel first appeared successfully on the stage in the musical that premiered on Broadway in 1949. Who played Lorelei?
    Mary Martin
    Ethel Merman
    Julie Andrews
    Carole Channing

4. Ok, everyone knows who played Lorelei in the film. But who played Dorothy?
    Ava Gardner
    Jane Russell
    Betty Grable
    Ginger Rogers

5. In the novel and the stage play, Mr. Jennings of Little Rock, Arkansas, plays a small but important role. In the novel, why does Lorelei say she shot him?
    He was foreclosing on her daddy's farm
    He was trying to seduce her
    He was running around with someone else
    He was after her diamonds

6. According to the novel, what is Lorelei Lee's real name?
    Roberta Elizabeth Lee
    Lorelei is her real name
    Abigail van Buren
    We don't know.

7. In the book, the story centres around how Lorelei's 'close personal friend' Mr. Gus Eisman the Button King sends her to Europe to get educated. Why is she off to Europe in the movie?
    She's signed to do a show
    To get married
    She's running away from her boyfriend
    She's on the lam

8. In the novel, Sir Francis Beekman is an aristocratic tightwad Lorelei finesses into buying a diamond tiara for her in London. His wife comes after the tiara in Paris, but Lorelei fixes her too. In the film both Beekmans meet Lorelei on board ship. Why is she attracted to him there?
    He owns a diamond mine
    He's a filthy rich industrialist
    He's an international diamond dealer
    He's a kindly father-figure

9. In the musical and the film, France is a backdrop for musical numbers. On the other hand, Lorelei's observations on Europe in the novel are some of its many bright moments. What does she think of London?
    It's really nothing
    It's cold
    It's 'devine'
    It's very educational

10. In the novel, Lorelei considers Paris 'devine'. What impresses her most about the city?
    Notorious women
    The Eyefull tower
    All these things
    Coty and Cartier

11. There is only one song on the show/film that was directly inspired by a line from the book. What is it?
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend
    Bye-bye Baby
    When love goes wrong
    We're just two little girls from Little Rock

12. In the book, Lorelei and Dorothy travel further than they do in the stage or the cinema versions of the story. "I mean Dorothy and I got up this morning and we looked out of the window of our compartment and it was really quite unusual. Because it was farms, and we saw quite a lot of girls who seemed to be putting small size hay stacks onto large size hay stack while their husbands seemed to sit at a table under quite a shady tree and drink beer." Where are they now?
    The West of Italy
    The Central of Europe

13. In the novel, Mr. Henry Spoffard is the rich, prudish chump Lorelei inveigles into marriage. In the stage musical he's a young rich guy Dorothy ends up with. He appears a completely different incarnation in the film. What is he there?
    The room steward
    The captain
    Gus Esmond's rich uncle
    A little boy

14. Does the book have a sequel?

15. Which of the following loved the novel and read it more than once?
    Edith Wharton
    James Joyce
    All of them
    Benito Mussolini

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Compiled Jun 28 12