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Created by reggaejames

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Rockers game quiz
"1978 Jamaican film that became a cult classic among reggae aficionados. My first introduction to Jamaican Patois. You will need to read the subtitles for this film. Excellent soundtrack!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We will start with an easy one, and then ease into the hard stuff. What instrument does the star, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, play?
    The piano
    The bass
    The drums
    The guitar

2. As the film starts, we see Horsemouth bumming money from friends. Who are the first artists to appear performing?
    Inner Circle
    The Rockers All Stars
    The Heptones
    The Abbysinians

3. Who curses Horsemouth for interrupting a recording session?
    King Jammy
    Joe Gibbs
    Jack Ruby
    Lee Perry

4. How much does Jack offer Horsemouth for each record he sells?
    25 cents
    75 cents
    50 cents
    1 dollar

5. When Madgie, Horsemouth's baby's mother, makes her first appearance, what is she doing?
    Feeding her kids
    Combing her hair
    Returning home

6. Producer Joe Gibbs also agrees to let Horsemouth sell records for him, although somewhat reluctantly. How many records does he advance him?

7. One of my favorite scenes is the one shown after Horsemouth receives records from Joe Gibbs and then heads off to sell them. As he is riding his motorcycle along a winding road. What song is playing in the background?
    We 'a' Rockers
    Police and Thieves
    Book of Rules
    Man in the Streets

8. Speaking of his motorcycle, what did he have painted on the gas tank?
    A Yellow Star
    A Jamaican Flag
    A Lion of Judah
    A Dragon

9. When Horsemouth makes his first sales call at a record shop, what song does he offer them?
    Money Worries
    Fade Away
    Dread Lion
    Tenement Yard

10. When Horsemouth went to the hotel for the first time to meet Mr. Honeyball, he met Sunshine, Mr. Marshall's daughter. What name did she have on her t-shirt?
    Bob Marley & the Wailers
    None of these
    Red Stripe
    Burning Spear

11. In the movie, which famous reggae artist is seen helping a tourist couple locked out of their car?
    Jacob Miller
    Peter Tosh
    Robbie Shakespeare
    Gregory Isaacs

12. A tough question, what is the address of the warehouse that holds Horsemouth's stolen motorcycle?
    12 East Street
    12 Ocean Blvd
    12 King Street
    56 Hope Road

13. After Horsemouth is beaten by the mafia, he retreats to the countryside. As he prepares to return to town, what does Ashley "Higher" Harris, the rastaman, give him?
    A walking stick
    A hug
    A gun
    A satchel of herb

14. Another of my favorite scenes in the film is when each of the Rockers is shown strutting along as only Jamaican men can do. "Stepping Razor", Peter Tosh's signature song is playing in the background. Who wrote the song?
    Answer: (Two Words)

15. In March of 1980, two years after the film came out, one of its stars was killed in a car crash. Which one?
    Answer: (fat boy)

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