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Romance Rave

Created by positive

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Romance Rave game quiz
"Taken from the books on my shelf so..."

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1. Nora Roberts is well know for her prolific pen. In the mid-1990s she began a futuristic series "In Death". What pen name does she use to write this series which involves Eve Dallas?
    J.D. Robb
    Karen Robbs
    Jennifer Blake
    Hannah Green

2. Claire Delacroix wrote a Bride Quest Trilogy which includes "The Princess" and "The Damsel". What is the third book of the trilogy? In this book the third brother finally meets his match in a dare he can't refuse.
    Answer: (The __________)

3. T or F In Julie Garwood's "Saving Grace" the heroine is overwhelmed with sadness in the beginning of the book when she learns that her husband is dead.

4. In a made up land near Russia, Johanna Lindsey creates a desperate monarchy and everlasting love. The story, however, does not end with one book, "Once A Princess". What is the companion book to "Once A Princess"?
    Forever in Your Embrace
    Once a Prince
    Prisoner of My Desire
    You Belong To Me

5. Iris Johansen is famous for her romance as well as her fiction novels. One of her romance novels is "Beloved Scoundrel", in which the hero is often called the Duke of ______ .

6. In Johanna Lindsey's novel "Until Forever", Roseleen, a modern woman, gets her Viking "captive" to take her back in time to meet which famous person?
    Duke/King William
    Bloody Mary
    Queen Elizabeth I
    King George III

7. Sandra Brown, well known for her fiction and romance, touches upon artificial insemination in which of her novels?
    Reily in the Morning
    The Switch
    Fat Tuesday

8. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss has been writing for a long time. She has produced timeless classics as well as outdated love stories. Which of the following did she NOT write?
    The Flame and the Flower
    Love Me Forever
    Beyond the Kiss

9. In Catherine Coulter's "Warrior's Song" Chandra's desire to be a warrior lands her in a heap of trouble. Who saves her?
    Lord Hugh
    Jerval de Vernon
    Graelam de Moreton
    Payn de Chaworth

10. Harlequin and Silhouette writer Leanne Banks often writes about what, which often leads to a marriage of convenience?
    potentially ruined reputation
    unexpected pregnancy
    business merger
    familial expectations

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