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Pure Country

Created by awaytome

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Pure Country game quiz
"I couldn't find a quiz on one of my favorites, so I made one. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How long did Dusty quit singing for?
    Ten seconds
    Three bars
    Five minutes
    A few minutes

2. What is Dusty's drummer's name?
    Earl Cunningham
    Buddy Jackson
    John Doe
    Earl Blackstock

3. What is Dusty's real name?
    Wyatt Chandler
    Dusty Rhodes
    Wyatt Earp
    Bob Smith

4. Speaking of that, what was the name of the cemetary where Dusty's parents were buried?
    San Antonio Cemetary
    Boot Hill
    Western Acres
    Cresson Cemetary

5. What was Dusty's tour manager's name?
    Lula Rogers
    Lucy Warren
    Lula Wright
    Lacy J. Dalton

6. Where did Earl tell Lula that Dusty was going the night before he (Dusty) left?
    For a walk
    To take a walk
    Just out

7. What city was Dusty supposed to be in the night he played hooky?
    Baton Rouge
    New Orleans

8. What song was Dusty singing on the porch when he and Harley finished their horseback ride?
    I Cross My Heart
    Baby Your Baby
    The King of Broken Hearts

9. What carnival act did Dusty tell Earl he felt like?
    Barker for the Yak Woman
    Weight Guesser
    Pixie Dust Spreader on the Tilt-a-Whirl
    Dancing Chicken

10. What was Dusty's grandmother's name?

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Compiled Jun 28 12