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Musica de Mexico

Created by mari70

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Spanish Language Music
Musica de Mexico game quiz
"Think you are savvy about world music? Take a gander!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Alejandro Fernandez is the son of what famous singer?

2. Santana recently toured with which famous Mexican 'rock' group?
    Radio Soda

3. Of the famous 'Bandas', which one is known as La Estrella de Los Bailes, or, The Star of the Dances?
    Banda El Recodo
    Banda Maguey
    Banda Zeta
    Banda La Costena

4. Of the famous 'Bandas', which on is known as La Reyna de Los Bailes, or, The Queen of the Dances?
    Banda Machos
    Banda El Recodo
    Banda Torrero
    Banda Maguey

5. Which Mexican artist made the song, 'Por Mujeres Como Tu', or 'Because of Women Like You', famous?
    Ramon Ayala
    Antonio Aguilar
    Pepe Aguilar
    Vincente Fernandez

6. What song-artist do these words belong to: ' me olvidó otra vez, que nunca me quisiste, se me olvidó otra vez....que solo yo te quise.'? (translation: '...Once again, I have forgotten that you never loved me, once again I have forgotten, that only I loved you...')?
    Te quiero-Chale
    Se me Olvidó-Tri
    Se me Olvidó-Mana
    No te olvidó-Mana

7. Complete this sentence: '...Es la historia de siempre, un amor que se fue....y espere manana comenzar otra vez...sin rincor y temores, quiero____________________' (Translation: '...It's the same old story, a love lost, always hoping that tomorrow will bring a new start...with no grudges and no fear...I want to______________'
    Comer chicles contigo (Chew gum with you)
    Morir y pronto (die and soon)
    Vivir en paz (live in peace)
    Quererte hasta manana (love you until tomorrow)

8. Who made the song, La Chona, famous?
    Grupo Sensacion
    Los Hermanos Ayala
    Los Tucanes de Tijuana
    Banda Chiquillos

9. When Los Tucanes de Tijuana sing about, 'mi gallo, mi perico y mi chivo' or, my rooster, my parrot and my goat, what are they REALLY referring to?
    Farm Life

10. What type of music is the original influence on the popular ranch style mexican and texan style hispanic music?
    German (polka)
    Russian (polka)
    Spanish (flamenco)

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