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Play Some Aussie Music!

Created by LMN

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Play Some Aussie Music game quiz
"Australia has given the world many a rock singer or crooner. Here's a quiz on some Australian bands you may, or may not, know. From the 70's till present day. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which group, named after their deep-voiced lead singer, created such classics such as "The Weeping Song", "Do You Love Me?" and "Deanna"?
    Ted Mulry Gang
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Yothu Yindi
    Something for Kate

2. Paul Kelly has worked with a variety of different bands and artists. Which was the first group he created in 1978 when he signed with Mushroom Records?
    Paul Kelly and the Messengers
    Paul Kelly and the Dots
    Paul Kelly and the Watering Cans
    Paul Kelly and the Kellys

3. Ella Hooper and her brother Jesse are part of a group that won a national competition that discovered new talent. The band they are in is called
    Answer: (Two Words)

4. Which music television programme, hosted by Ian "Molly" Meldrum, introduced many national and international bands to teenagers all over Australia?
    Video Hits

5. True or False? The song "Throw Your Arms Around Me" was first sung by the group "Hunters and Collectors".

6. The late Michael Hutchence was lead singer in which band?
    Midnight Oil
    Mental as Anything

7. Who won "Best New Talent" in the 2001 Australia "ARIA" Music Awards, for their song "Frontier Psychiatrist"?
    The Avalanches
    The Superjesus
    Something for Kate

8. Whose albums include "Ivy and the Big Apples" and "The Flight of Wally Funk"?
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

9. One member of the children's sensation "The Wiggles", Anthony Field, had his musical beginnings in a pretty mediocre '80s rock band called "The __________".
    Fairy Penguins

10. Which of the following bands did Bon Scott sing in, that gave us such songs as "T.N.T." and "Jailbreak"?

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