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A Quiz on the Movie "Mr. Holland's Opus"

Created by quotidiantrivia

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mr. Holland's Opus
A Quiz on the Movie Mr Hollands Opus game quiz
""Mr. Holland's Opus" is a movie that spans about 30 years. It is about a teacher's career."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the movie, Mr. Holland was a teacher. Which of these is a subject that he teaches?
    Music Appreciation

2. What song is playing when Mr. Holland drives into the parking lot on the first day of school?
    'Piano Man", by Billy Joel
    "That's the Way I Like It", by KC and the Sunshine Band
    "One, Two, Three", by Len Barry
    "YMCA", by the Village People

3. What is the name of the school at which Mr. Holland teaches?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt High
    Thomas Edison High
    Theodore Roosevelt High
    John F. Kennedy High

4. What does Mr. Holland say after he and Vice Principal Walters introduce themselves to each other?
    "I don't believe it!"
    "Man alive!"
    "Holy cow!"

5. What is the name of Mr. Holland's wife?

6. What subject does Mr. Holland teach over the summer?
    Driver's Education
    Music Appreciation
    Physical Education

7. What is the name of Mr. Holland's son?
    Glen, Jr.

8. What is wrong with Mr. Holland's son?
    Can't walk

9. When the principal of the school leaves, what does she give Mr. Holland?
    A compass
    A gold watch
    A globe
    A book

10. What is the title of the musical that Mr. Holland and the football coach help organize?
    A Night with the Beatles
    An Evening with Gershwin

11. What was the name of the girl who starred in Mr. Holland's musical?
    Answer: (First name only)

12. What was the name of the girl who could not play clarinet very well until Mr. Holland told her to "play the sunset?"
    Answer: (First name only)

13. What was the name of the boy who Mr. Holland threatened to suspend after he complained about having to write a paper as punishment?
    Answer: (First name only)

14. What two sports did the student who eventually died in the Vietnam War play?
    Football and Baseball
    Basketball and Football
    Football and Wrestling
    Baseball and Wrestling

15. Finally, what was the title of the piece, composed by Mr. Holland, that was performed by his former students at the end of the movie?
    American Concerto
    American Overture
    American Symphony
    American Prelude

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