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80s Music Videos : Part 1

Created by caribbean

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80s Music Videos  Part 1 game quiz
"I am going to give the name of the group or person who sang it. I will then describe the video. These will be 80s Music Videos."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. ZZ Top: Two men with long beards and one without encounter pretty girls at a gas station. It has a young lady who works in a shoe store and they give her a makeover so she won't be pushed around anymore.
    Sharp Dressed Man
    Sleeping Bag

2. Billy Joel: He is sitting at a table while a 60's era family moves behind him as historic photos flash behind him.
    You're Only Human
    Uptown Girl
    We Didn't Start the Fire
    Piano Man

3. A Flock of Seagulls: A man with really bad hair, his brother, and a short guy with glasses are in a circular room with mirrors, and two women wearing garbage bags and red eye makeup.
    Answer: (Two Words)

4. Journey: An angry girl wearing white walks around while Steve Perry makes weird hand motions.
    Separate Ways
    Beware Mad Woman
    Revenge of an Angry Girl
    That Mean Lady

5. Elton John: He is in the south of France. He is wearing a white suit and he is standing by a piano. He also dances with a cane. There were people dancing around wearing body paint.
    I'm Still Standing

6. The Police: They are performing outside for an audience on an island.
Part of this video was filmed in a recording studio.
    Invisible Sun
    Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
    Every Breath you Take

7. Duran Duran: One of the group members gets lost in the jungle and meets a wild woman. The other four members run around trying to find him. At the end of the video it shows the whole group sitting at a table.
    The Reflex
    Wild Boys
    Hungry Like the Wolf

8. Dexys Midnight Runners: A group of guys wearing overalls sing to try and get the girl to come back. They finally succeed near the end of the video. They are standing on a street corner during the video.
    Answer: (one hit wonder- three words)

9. Michael Jackson: Sidewalk becomes illuminated when he walks on it. Everything that he comes in contact with lights up as well. He is being followed by a detective and there is a tiger at the end.
    Answer: (Two Words - spelling counts!)

10. Huey Lewis and the News: The band goes to a beach and Huey tries to make things with his girlfriend better. One scene in this video shows Huey laying on his side while his bandmates are up to their necks in sand.
    Do you believe in Love
    Power of Love
    If this is it
    Heart and Soul

11. Madonna: A woman infiltrates a secret society of men. A black cat played a important role in the video.
    Express Yourself
    Material Girl

12. The Bangles: The ladies are dressed up in colorful costumes and they are doing the title command. The rest of the video is concert footage and images of ordinary people doing this as well.
    Answer: (Cairo- four words)

13. Don Henley: The former Eagle is riding in the back of a car that is being towed through LA. He sings of days gone by and lost love.
    Answer: (baseball players- four words)

14. Men At Work: A guy is sitting in a chair in the dark. His bandmates walk up a flight of stairs. The end shows them performing in a concertlike environment.
    Answer: (a frequently asked question- five words)

15. Phil Collins: He gets into his car and travels to different locations around the world.
    Two Hearts
    Take me Home
    Easy Lover

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Compiled Jun 28 12