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Python Arcana and Minutia

Created by coolupway

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Python Arcana and Minutia game quiz
"We know you all know the parrot sketch by heart. We know you know the lyrics to the "Lumberjack Song". Let's get into some of the lesser-known bits of Pythonic genius."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What problem did British naval officer B. J. Smethwick indicate that the Royal Navy "now have... relatively under control."?
    Dennis Moore
    The mouse problem

2. Which facts does Cleese's barrister elicit from Cardinal Richelieu in qualifying him as a character witness?
    All of these
    He "perpetuated the religious schism in Europe".
    He "built up the centralized monarchy in France".
    He "persecuted the Huguenots".

3. According to Pythonic scripture, which is the worst tennis-playing nation in the world?

4. "What great opponent of Cartesian dualism resists the reduction of psychological phenomena to physical states?"
    Reginald Maudling
    Reginald Bonsanquet
    Margaret Thatcher
    Henri Bergson

5. Who comes to visit during the "Attila the Hun Show"?
    "A whole horde of them marauding Visigoths"
    "Alexander the Great"
    "Gaiseric the Vandal"
    "The man from the off-licence"

6. Vince Snetterton-Lewis once asked Dinsdale Piranha not to nail his head to the floor because his "parents were coming round for tea."
How, if at all, did Dinsdale oblige him?
    "He blew off a thermonuclear device in my drawing-room."
    "He said I had to see Doug."
    "He just nailed my head to the wainscotting."
    "He just screwed my pelvis to a cake stand."

7. To which monarch does Biggles dictate a a letter to the effect that the "eels... were really scrummy"?
    Queen Beatrix
    King Leopold
    Prince Bernhard
    King Haakon

8. What complaint does Eric Idle's whiny tourist make about German businessmen?
    "They drone on and on about how Mr. Smith should be running this country."
    "They keep singing 'Torremolinos, Torremolinos..."
    They "pretend... to be acrobats and form...pyramids and barge into the queues..."
    "They have diarrhea and flabby white legs."

9. Subject of discussion in the Welsh coalmine (in Llandarog Carmarthen) while HM the Queen is "STILL WATCHING 'THE VIRGINIAN.'"
    Political, economic and social causes of the 30 years' war
    Diverse weaponry of the Spanish Inquisition
    Whether Sir Walter Scott was a "loony"
    Date of ratification of the treaty of Utrecht

10. What is the Pythonic signficance (if any) of "colour TV sets and...Tony Jacklin golf clubs?"
    Freemasons own them.
    200 of each stored at Luigi Vercotti's "high-class escort agency."
    Betoken the presence of an "Upper-Class Twit."
    Mentioned in rule six of the "Philosophy Department of the U. of Woolamaloo."

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Compiled Jun 28 12