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Fractured Headings from the Yellow Pages A-Z

Created by robynraymer

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Fractured Headings from the Yellow Pages AZ game quiz
"I give you a Yellow Pages heading in fractured form. You type in the correct heading. Example: Oz petals=Hospitals. The headings are in alphabetical order."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A turn knees
    Answer: (A--9 letters.)

2. Buy sickles
    Answer: (B--8 letters. Plural.)

3. Cream may shin
    Answer: (C--9 letters. Singular.)

4. Dome stirs
    Answer: (D--9 letters. Plural.)

5. Express sew
    Answer: (E--8 letters. Singular.)

6. Fir niche sure
    Answer: (F--9 letters. Singular.)

7. Grow sirs
    Answer: (G--7 letters. Plural.)

8. Hip know says
    Answer: (H--8 letters. Singular.)

9. Inch sure rinse
    Answer: (I--9 letters. Singular.)

10. Genes
    Answer: (J--5 letters. Plural.)

11. Quenelles
    Answer: (K--7 letters. Plural.)

12. Lye berries
    Answer: (L--9 letters. Plural.)

13. Mare ridge Sarah moan knees
    Answer: (Two words. First begins with M. Second begins with C.)

14. Gnus pay purrs
    Answer: (N--10 letters. Plural.)

15. Ore guest straws
    Answer: (O--10 letters. Plural.)

16. Pond broke curs
    Answer: (P--11 letters. Plural.)

17. (I'm skipping Q.) Wreck Crete Asian
    Answer: (R--10 letters. Singular.)

18. Sea cure ready
    Answer: (S--8 letters. Singular.)

19. Trance Ms. shuns
    Answer: (T--13 letters. Plural.)

20. A pollster hers
    Answer: (U--12 letters. Plural.)

21. Fettering airy Oz petals
    Answer: (Two words. First word starts with V. Second starts with H and is plural.)

22. Wait laws
    Answer: (Two words. First starts with W. Second starts with L and is singular.)

23. Hex tray slabs
    Answer: (Two words. First begins with X and is hyphenated. Second begins with L.)

24. Yo gird
    Answer: (Y--6 or 7 letters. Singular.)

25. Sue's
    Answer: (Z--4 letters. Plural.)

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Compiled Oct 20 14