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Thomas Edward Lawrence (of Arabia and Beyond)

Created by tactcigi

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Thomas Edward Lawrence of Arabia and Beyond game quiz
"T. E. Lawrence, "Lawrence of Arabia", was a charismatic and enigmatic early twentieth-century figure. While his exploits were dramatic and colorful, his ambiguity is as much a part of his reputation as his accomplishments are."

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1. In his lifetime, Lawrence used more than one name. Which of the following is NOT a name by which this complex man was known?
    Thomas Edward Shaw
    John Hume Ross
    Thomas Edward Chapman
    Ned Lawrence

2. Peter O'Toole played Lawrence in the Academy Award winning 1962 film, "Lawrence of Arabia". What made O'Toole so unlikely for the part?
    Lawrence was Welsh whereas O'Toole is Irish
    O'Toole speaks eloquently; Lawrence had a lisp
    O'Toole is blond and blue-eyed. Lawrence's features were dark
    O'Toole is almost a foot taller than Lawrence

3. Which of the following playwrights DID NOT write a play about Lawrence?
    George Bernard Shaw
    John Osborne
    Terence Rattigan
    W. H Auden/Christopher Isherwood

4. Lawrence followed in the footsteps of an illustrious group of British adventurers drawn to Arabia. Which of these intrepid explorers did Lawrence know personally?
    Gertrude Margaret Bell
    Richard Francis Burton
    Charles George Gordon
    Frederick Courtney Selous

5. Lawrence claimed which of the following to be the "second oldest animal instinct"?

6. From which institution of higher learning did Lawrence earn a First in History in 1910?
    Magdalen College, Oxford
    Trinity College, Dublin
    Jesus College, Oxford
    Trinity College, Cambridge

7. Lawrence died in 1935 at the age of 47. He is buried where?
    Westminster Abbey
    St. Alban's Church, Tremadoc, Wales
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    St. Matthew's Church, Moreton, Dorset

8. The title of his masterpiece, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" comes from which of the following sources?
    The Koran
    The Torah
    The Upanishads
    The Bible

9. There is controversy regarding Lawrence's intentions in Arabia. There are controversies regarding what Lawrence knew of the intentions of others. It appears accurate to say that Lawrence considered himself betrayed by the following:
    Winston Churchill, for preventing his participation in the Paris peace process.
    The terms of the Sykes-Picot Treaty which left Syria, Iraq and Jordan firmly in the hands of the French and British.
    Emir Hussein ibn Ali for attempting to rejoin the Ottoman Empire.
    Lowell Thomas for making him a celebrity and destroying his privacy.

10. Here's one from left field: On what famous rock group's album cover does T. E. Lawrence appear?
    Answer: (One word or two words with 'the')

11. How did the first manuscript of what was published as "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" disappear?
    Lawrence destroyed it in a crisis of confidence.
    It was burned in a London publishing house fire.
    Lawrence lost it at the Reading Railway Station.
    GBS's wife, Charlotte, accidentally discarded it.

12. Which of the following considered himself Lawrence's "spiritual son"?
    Che Guevera
    Andre Malraux
    Albert Camus
    Andre Gide

13. Lawrence considered his "Seven Pillars" to be a novel. He apparently never meant for it to be read as mere literal truth. Which of the following events described is now generally believed to contain more fiction than fact?
    The taking of Aqaba by land
    Lawrence shooting his own camel by mistake
    Lawrence's dynamiting of the Turkish railroad
    The incident at Deraa

14. When was Lawrence born?
    August 16, 1891
    August 15, 1889
    August 16, 1888
    May 19, 1887

15. Which of the following did Lawrence NOT write or translate?
    The Art of War
    Crusader Castles
    The Mint
    The Odyssey

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