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"King of Queens" - un(m)asked

Created by revolle

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King of Queens  unmasked game quiz
"Upcoming a few easy questions to check your basics on "King of Queens", a really funny piece of work. This covers seasons 1-4."

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1. Who is this "King of Queens"?
    A wannabe-womanizer, sharing his condo with his aunt and grandma.
    An ex-workaholic getting used to taking care of his three daughters.
    NY's equivalent to the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".
    An IPS delivery man, living in Queens.

2. Who plays Doug Heffernan?
    Kelsey Grammer
    Ray Romano
    Patton Oswalt
    Kevin James (III)

3. Doug Heffernan, his wife Carrie and his father Arthur all live in the same house.

4. Jerry Stiller, who plays Arthur, is the father of comedian and actor Ben Stiller.

5. What's the name of Kevin James's brother, who plays Doug's cousin Danny Heffernan on the show?
    Gary Valentine
    Scott Valentine (I)
    Dennis James (I)
    Dave James (I)

6. In the episode "Assaulted Nuts" Doug did what?
    caught stuck in the ceiling fixing the television wires.
    fired a staple to his testicles
    realizes that he is the Fatty McButterPants.
    is caught fighting with a refreshment guy.

7. This well known daytime talk show host has a recurring role in the show.
    Answer: (2 words - first and last, related to Doug)

8. What has William Hurt to do with the "KoQ"?
    He starred in season five as a regular castmate
    He has a cameo in the episode "Work Related".
    He plays a psychotherapist Arthur starts to see.
    He is one of the producers.

9. Who created the series?
    Kevin James (III) and Gary Valentine
    Michael J. Weithorn and David Litt
    Nick Bakay and Merrin Dungey
    Robert Berlinger and Kevin James (III)

10. Last one comes up with lousy dates: What year did the "King of Queen" start on CBS?

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