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Murder, She Wrote

Created by millionaire248

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Murder She Wrote game quiz
"This is a quiz of your knowledge in the area of "Murder, She Wrote" and Jessica Fletcher. These question are related to the show so if you are a professional at watching the show this is the quiz for you. Oh, and don't forget to rate my quiz at the end"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the town that Jessica lives in?
    Augusta, Maine
    Augusta, Maryland
    Cabot Cove, Maryland
    Cabot Cove, Maine

2. What has Jessica never learned to do?
    cook spagetti sauce
    ride a bicycle
    use a fax machine

3. Was Jessica ever married?

4. What is the name of Jessica's husband?
    She has never been married

5. Which of these second of the sheriffs of Jessica's home town?
    Marty Metzger
    Adam Tucker
    Amos Tucker
    Mort Metzger

6. Who is the character that is the doctor of Jessica's hometown?
    Boyd Daring
    Adam Waynewright
    Lyle Holt
    Seth Hazlitt

7. What is Jessica Fletcher's pen name?
    Jessica Fletcher
    J. B. Fletcher
    J. D. Fletcher
    Jess Fletcher

8. Who is a character in some of Jessica's books, as well as, a secret agent in her "real" life?
    Michael Handly
    James Bond
    Michael Haggerty
    Magnum, P.I.

9. A book of Jessica's-- "The Corpse Danced at ________"
    Answer: (One Word)

10. Who does Jessica live with?
    Seth Hazlitt
    no one
    Frank Fletcher
    Eve Simpson

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Compiled Feb 08 13