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Strange Death of Nell Cropsey

Created by Charlie007

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Strange Death of Nell Cropsey game quiz
"Step back in time to the night of Nov. 20, 1901, and let's examine the most controversial case in North Carolina history--the strange death of beautiful sixteen-year old Nell Cropsey."

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1. Who was the last known person to see Nell Cropsey alive?
    Ollie Cropsey
    Jim Wilcox
    Roy Crawford
    William H. Cropsey

2. What did Ollie Cropsey NOT hear or observe on the night Nell disappeared?
    A blood-curdling scream
    A commotion out in the yard
    Something thump against the front door
    Door standing open and the umbrella in the house

3. On Christmas Eve, 1901, what did William H. Cropsey, Nell's father, receive?
    Ransom note with a lock of Nell's hair
    Copy of Nell and Jim's marriage certificate in the mail
    A note from Nell saying she was fine and not to worry
    A letter detailing the events on the night of her disappearance

4. How long was it before Nell's body was found?
    3 days
    The next day
    37 days
    A week

5. Where was Nell's body found?
    Cropsey family boathouse
    Buried under Jim Wilcox's shed
    Floating in the Pasquotank River
    Found in an old well a mile from the Cropsey house

6. Who was the first one to find Nell's body?
    Roy Crawford
    Her father
    Her mother
    The Sheriff

7. Where was the autopsy on Nell's body performed?
    Doctor's office
    Elizabeth City Coroner's office
    Cropsey family boathouse
    Funeral parlor

8. Who prevented the lynch mob from hanging Jim Wilcox the night Nell's body was found?
    Thomas P. Wilcox
    Deputy Sheriff Charles Reid
    Police Chief Henry Dawson
    William H. Cropsey

9. How many jury trials did Jim Wilcox have?

10. Which of these occurences did NOT happen before Nell's death?
    Nell had a horrible nightmare that something was going to happen to her.
    Jim Wilcox and Nell had a terrible argument.
    Wilcox tried to presuade Nell's sister to scare her mother by pretending to be drowned.
    Her mother had fed breakfast to a tramp on the day Nell disappeared.

11. What year was Jim Wilcox pardoned by NC Governor Thomas W. Bickett?

12. Where did Wilcox go, and what did he do after his release from prison?
    He returned to Elizabeth City, NC and became a recluse.
    Wilcox became pastor of a Methodist church in Wilmington, NC.
    He moved to Asheville, NC and started a lumberyard.
    He married his cousin Anna and moved to Richmond, VA.

13. After Wilcox's release from prison, he co-authored a book on the murder of Nell Cropsey.

14. In the eerie aftermath of Nell's murder, several people who knew her committed suicide. Which of the following was the only one NOT to die by their own hand?
    Roy Crawford
    Ollie Cropsey
    Jim Wilcox
    William Cropsey, Jr.

15. Two weeks before Jim Wilcox's death, he admitted to being the killer of Nell Cropsey.

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