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The Life And Times Of Joy Adamson

Created by DakotaNorth

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The Life And Times Of Joy Adamson game quiz
"This quiz is about Joy Adamson, the author of "Born Free." Adamson's life was and is an inspiration to all. Her greatest joy in life was returning animals to their wild state. Although her life was cut short, she will always be remembered."

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1. Joy Adamson was born on January 20, 1910, in Troppau, Austria to a wealthy family, and grew up in beautiful Vienna. What was Joy's name at birth?
    Viktoria Klarwill
    Friederike Acosta de Samper
    Uksana Meisner
    Friederike Viktoria Gessner

2. Joy always dreamed of one day going to Africa. In 1937, while traveling by boat to Mombasa, she met a botanist, who was to become her second husband. Although still married to Victor von Klarwill, she fell in love with the botanist, and when Klarwill arrived in Kenya she told him that she wanted a divorce. Joy and Klarwill were divorced, but remained on friendly terms. What was the name of Joy's botanist husband?
    Peter Bally
    George Adamson
    Louis Leaky
    Fleur Adcock

3. In 1942, Joy met the man who would become her third, and last, husband at a Christmas party in Garissa. The two were instantly attracted to each other, although the British Game Warden was leery of enticing her, since she was already married. That same night, with too much to drink, they told each other their feelings for one another. The Game Warden invited Joy and her husband on a camel safari, and during the days and nights out in the bush, they fell more in love with each other. What was the name of Joy's last husband?
    Answer: (Two Words. Full name or surname.)

4. In 1949, Joy was commissioned to paint twenty of Kenya's tribes. After her death, the paintings were hung with pride in the State House of Kenya, until 1995. In 1995, the tribal paintings were moved. Where were they moved to?
    Austria National Museum
    Kenya National Museum
    Coryndon Museum
    The Smithsonian Institute

5. During her life in Kenya, Joy cared for orphaned animals, which were abandoned by their mothers or injured. In 1956, she was put on the road to fame when her Game Warden husband shot and killed a lioness. Her husband, knowing Joy's passion for animals, brought the lioness' orphaned cubs to her. She named the three female cubs, The Big One, Lustica, and Elsa. What was the reason behind the naming of Elsa?
    Elsa was the name of Bally's grandmother
    Elsa was the name of Adcock's mother
    Elsa was the name of a little girl she knew at school
    Elsa was always her favorite name

6. In September of 1964, Major and Mrs. Dunkey, friends of Joy's, asked her if she would take charge of their pet cheetah, Kitten. Joy, who missed Elsa very much, and who wanted to compare a cheetah with a lion, readily accepted. Upon accepting Kitten, Joy changed her name. What did she change Kitten's name to?

7. In 1961, a year after her book, "Born Free," was published, Joy founded a non profit organization. What is the name of the organization?
    Answer: (Four Words. (Hint: it has to do with Elsa).)

8. In 1965, Joy purchased a house on Lake Naivasha, which she hoped to live for the remainder of her life. A few years later she acquired the land around Lake Naivasha, called Hell's Gates. Since her death, her house was entrusted to The Elsa Conservation Trust, and is a place where individuals, wishing to learn about conservation and wildlife can stay. What name did Joy give the house?
    Harthoorn House
    Adamson Way
    Wildlife Way

9. On November 11, 1976, Joy and a friend of hers, Juliette Huxley, decided to go on a short safari to Lake Nakuru. While there, the car they were traveling in became stuck in mud. It wasn't until hours later that two rangers, in a land rover, came to their rescue. While talking to the rangers, Joy learned that there was an abandoned female leopard cub at their headquarters. After talking to the Divisional Game Warden, Joy was able to acquire the tiny cub, which was named Jenny. Upon acquiring Jenny, Joy renamed the cub. What did she rename her?

10. On January 3, 1980, Joy was found dead a short distance away from her camp in the Shaba National Reserve. When one of her assistants, Pieter Mawson, realized the time and noticed that she hadn't returned from her nightly walk, he went to look for her. He found her body two hundred yards from the main camp. Mawson brought her body to the coroner's office, where he told the coroner that she was mauled by a lion. Eventually, the truth came out that she was murdered. Suspicion fell to her employees. What is the name of person who murdered Joy?
    Pieter Mawson
    Peter Johnson
    Paul Ekai

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