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The Rookie

Created by Ken1260

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The Rookie game quiz
"This quiz deals with the movie about a 35 year old rookie making his first appearance in a Major League game."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the title character's name?
    Jack Morris
    Jim Morris
    John Morris
    Tommy Morrison

2. What Texas city did the most of the movie take place in?
    Dallas, Texas
    Reagan, Texas
    Big Lake, Texas
    Brownwood, Texas

3. Who played Jim Morris as a boy?
    Dennis Quaid
    Trevor Morgan
    Brian Cox
    David Blackwell

4. What actor played the role of Jim's father?
    Rick Gonzalez
    Royce Applegate
    Jay Hernandez
    Brian Cox

5. What was the nickname of the player Joaquin Campos?

6. The scene where Jim Morris stops by the side of the road and throws the ball past the radar actually happened.

7. Finish this quote that was said by Jim's wife Lorri: "Jim Morris, I'm a _________ woman, which means I have no need for a man to keep things running."
    Free Thinking

8. For which team was Jim Morris playing before being called up by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?
    Durham Bulls
    Columbus Clippers
    Orlando Rays
    Toledo Mudhens

9. Which of the following was an error that was made in the movie?
    His first game was not against the Rangers
    The actual game was a day game and not a night game
    He actually walked the first batter he faced
    Jim Morris runs out of the wrong bullpen

10. The first batter that faced Jim Morris in his first Major League game was Royce Clayton. What was the outcome of that at bat?
    Fly out to center

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Compiled Jun 28 12