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Judy Blume's 'Tiger Eyes'

Created by beckita13

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Blume, Judy
Judy Blumes Tiger Eyes game quiz
"This is my favorite book and if you read it a few times, it should be easy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How was Davey's father killed?
    he was shot in the chest during a robbery of his store
    drive-by shooting
    heart attack
    beaten to death in a robbery of his store

2. What was Gwen's (Davey's mom) excuse for moving her family to New Mexico?
    change of scenery

3. What division in the Lab did Walter (Davey's uncle) work for?
    E - Environment
    H - Health
    W - Weapons
    F - Food

4. What was Davey ready to do when she first met Wolf in the canyon?
    stab him with her breadknife
    smash his head with a rock
    climb back out of the canyon

5. What did Gwen call herself that Davey hated?
    Gwen Wexler
    single mom
    a widow

6. What was wrong with Davey's friend Jane?
    she had no mind of her own
    she was an alcoholic
    she was a slut
    she had no morals

7. Why did Davey hate living with her aunt and uncle, Bitsy and Walter?
    they tried to become Davey's parents
    they were too overprotective
    they were mean
    they had no manners

8. Who was Ned?
    Davey's geometry teacher
    Gwen's boyfriend
    Bitsy's best friend
    Walter's partner in the Lab

9. What are three things Walter and Bitsy would NOT let Davey do?
    listen to heavy metal, go to Santa Fe, ride her bike
    ski, take Driver's Ed, climb in the canyon
    wear a helmet, take the school year off, eat cafeteria food
    try out for the school play, be friends with Jane, be a candy-striper at the hospital

10. Who was Willy Ortiz?
    a waiter
    a doctor
    Wolf's father
    Davey's boyfriend

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