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Ella Enchanted

Created by Jacifan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Levine, Gail Carson
Ella Enchanted game quiz
"This is a quiz on the fantastic book "Ella Enchanted" by Gail Carson Levine."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Whom did Ella meet at her mother's funeral?

2. What elf trinket did Ella's father show her first?
    a porcelain castle
    a diamond bracelet
    a wine goblet
    a music box

3. What did the ogre tell Ella to do with the gnome boy?
    throw it in the river
    cut it with her sword
    let it go
    bring it to him

4. What chased the carriage that took Ella, Hattie, and Olive to school?

5. Ella made Hattie smell bogweed, which did what to Hattie?
    put her to sleep
    made her answer any questions Ella asked
    made her ugly
    blinded her

6. Where was Ella going to find Lucinda?
    a party
    a christening
    a wedding
    a funeral

7. When Char asked Ella about school, she began making fun of which of her teachers?
    Writing Mistress
    Manners Mistress
    Sewing Mistress
    Head Mistress

8. Which of these was part of the giants' wedding ceremony?
    a pantomime of their lives together
    exchanging clothes with each other
    throwing cake at each other
    offering each other something of value to them

9. What did the mushrooms sprinkled in Ella's food do to her?
    made her fall asleep in the middle of the dinner
    made her more intelligent
    made her fall in love with the earl
    stopped her from saying anything

10. Which of Char's knights was the best at Ogrese?

11. What did Olive make Ella do over and over again?
    pick flowers
    make cakes
    tell stories
    sweep the floor

12. Why didn't Ella agree to marry Char?
    because she knew he wouldn't want her if he knew all her faults
    because she really didn't know if she loved him or not
    because she hated the thought of Hattie and Olive at the court all the time
    because she was afraid someone would make her betray him

13. When Char was in Ayortha, who did he run into at the inn?
    Madame Olga

14. What was Ella's pseudonym at the balls?

15. At the end, Ella details her court life, saying that she most enjoyed... what?
    refusing to obey commands
    traveling with Char
    holding parties and balls
    learning the kingdom's languages

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Compiled Jun 28 12