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Old Tongue in "The Wheel of Time"

Created by Mashiara_Sedai

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Old Tongue in The Wheel of Time game quiz
"This quiz about Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series of fantasy books will test your knowledge of Old Tongue. Phrases are taken from every book in the series. I provide the phrase and you provide the Old Tongue or vice versa. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the "Eye of the World", Mat goes into a battle fever and calls out in Old Tongue. Which of the following is the correct translation of "Carai an Caldazar!"?
    For the honour of the Band of the Red Hand
    For the honour of the Rose of the Sun
    For the honour of the Red Eagle
    For the honour of Manetheren

2. Lan has a special name for Nynaeve which derives from the Old Tongue, meaning an impossible, or forsaken love. What is this name?
    Answer: (One Word)

3. Which of the following is best translated as "Web of Destiny"?

4. What is the full name of the complex code by which Aiel live?
    Daes Dae'mar

5. The political game of stategy that was create by the Aes Sedai and favoured by Cairheinin nobles is known as the Great Game, or the Game of Houses. What is its correct Old Tongue name?
    Djevik K'Shar
    Daes Dae'mar

6. True or False: In Seanchan, women who can channel but are not yet damane are known as marath'damane, literally 'those who must be leashed', in Old Tongue.

7. What was the Old Tongue name given to the sapling of the Tree of Life which was given to Cairhein by the Aiel?
    Laman's Tree
    Laman's Throne

8. Which of the Forsaken's chosen names is the Old Tongue translation of 'Daughter of the Night'?

9. A tricky one... what was the battle cry for the last reigning king of Manetheren?
    Carai an Damodred
    Carai an Manetheren
    Carai an Ellisande
    Carai an Caldazar

10. True or False: "Los Valdar Cuebiyari" was a battle cry from the War of the Shadow meaning "Forward the Red Eagle!"

11. One of Mat's favourite sayings (which is VERY relevant to him!) is "Time to toss the dice". How does he say this in Old Tongue?
    Muad'drin tia dar allende caba'drin rhadiem
    Sa souvraya niende misain ye
    Tia mi aven Moridin isiande vadin
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

12. Which is the correct spelling for the word meaning 'World of Dreams'?

13. Here's an easy one. Faile's name is Old Tongue for what?
    Answer: (One Word)

14. Aiel warriors wear a coat and breeches in browns and greys that fade into the rocks of the Aiel Waste called the cadin'sor. What is the best translation of this?
    riding clothes
    working clothes
    fighting clothes
    dancing clothes

15. True or False: 'Far Dareis Mai'is the Old Tongue name for the Aiel society known as 'The Shield Maidens' or 'Maidens of the Shield'.

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