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From Pilgrims to Saracens and Crusaders

Created by flem-ish

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From Pilgrims to Saracens and Crusaders game quiz
"As history shows religion can lead to the best, but also to the worst. What began as an expression of devotion ended in holy wars. Crusaders took the relief of the pilgrims as travellers to Jerusalem . Check your knowledge of the facts."

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1. The first example of a "Pilgrimage" to Jerusalem may have been the journey made to the Holy Places by the mother of Constantine the Great. What was her name?
    Galla Placida

2. In the course of Constantine's reign his mother pressed him for the building of basilicas in some of the "holy spots" in Palestine. One was the Nativity Church in Betlehem, another the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem. Which of these was the third of those basilicas?
    Mt Tabor Basilica
    Mt. of Olives Basilica
    the Holy Family Church at Nazareth
    St Peter's Tomb at Capernaum

3. When in 638 the Holy Places at Jerusalem were taken by the Muslims, the reaction of the Christians at first was to look for 'substitutes' in their own territory. One such a centre of devotion was the supposed burial place of the Three Magi. Where was that?
    Vezelay in France
    Santiago de Compostela in Spain
    Cologne in Germany
    Canterbury in England

4. Pilgrims to Jerusalem wore a special outfit of which a broad-rimmed hat and a staff were two of the requisites. On their return-trip, they symbolised the successful outcome of their enterprise, by wearing : ___________________
    a little palm-tree branch
    a conch
    a seashell
    a tiny bag with a particle of wood from the Holy Cross

5. In the 8th century the continuous invasions by Muslim armies into Western Europe were finally stopped by the grandfather of Charlemagne in a battle near Tours, usually called the "Battle of Poitiers". Who was that "grandfather of Charlemagne"?
    Pepin of Herstal
    Pepin of Landen
    Charles Martel
    Pepin the Short

6. The Muslim invasions had not only robbed the Christians of access to Jerusalem, also the major part of Spain had fallen into the hands of what the Western world then called the Saracens. The Reconquista was to take some time. Some parts of Spain had however always remained "Christian territory". Which of these areas had never been conquered?
    Catalonia (locally spelled Catalunya )

7. The Muslim withdrawal from Spain began already in 1212 when on the 16th of July Alfonso VIII defeated the Moorish troops in the Battle of _____________
    Las Navas de Tolosa

8. What did Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 promise to the Knights that undertook to fight for the liberation of Palestine ?
    the right to add the Papal colours to their coat of arms
    a plot of land in Palestine
    forgiveness of their sins
    a purse of gold coins

9. When you "liberate" a country that has not asked for liberation, you have to leave behind an occupying force. In 1099 ,at the end of the First Crusade, a Kingdom of Jerusalem was created for this purpose. The man to whom the title of King was offered, piously rejected the proposition. Who was he?
    Baldwin the Count of Flanders
    French King Saint Louis
    Richard Lion Heart
    Godfrey of Bouillon

10. Saracens were not the only victims of the Crusading zeal. 'Crusades' were also organised against 'local' heretics. Which of these were the first target of such a half military, half religious enterprise (and also of the first Papal Inquisition) ?
    the Albigenses or "Cathars"
    the Hussites
    the Bulgarian Bogomils
    the Lollards

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