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Embassy World Championships

Created by benny29

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Snooker World Championship
Embassy World Championships game quiz
"A quiz about the Embassy World Championships."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the opponent when Ronnie O'Sullivan made the fastest ever 147 at The Crucible?
    Joe Swail
    Mick Price
    James Wattana
    Billy Snaddon

2. On the subject of 147s, when Cliff Thorburn made his 147 in 1983 (against Terry Griffiths) which fellow Canadian stopped his match to watch?
    Cliff Thorburn's brother
    Alain Robidoux
    Bill Werbeniuk
    Kirk Stevens

3. Did John win the 1977 final?

4. What was the scoreline when Steve Davis beat John Parrott in the 1989 final?
    18 - 5
    18 - 3
    18 - 7
    18 - 16

5. Who did Terry Griffiths beat in the 1979 final?
    John Spencer
    Ray Reardon
    Cliff Thorburn
    Dennis Taylor

6. Who did Stephen Hendry beat in the 1995 final?
    Peter Ebdon
    Steve James
    Jimmy White
    Nigel Bond

7. When Ronnie was on for a 147 in the 1999 World Championship semi - final he missed when he was well over a hundred. What colour did he miss?

8. What was the prize money for winning the first ever final at The Crucible?

9. After his victory in 1981, who, in keeping with The Crucible tradition knocked Steve Davis out the following year?
    Tony Meo
    Tony Knowles
    Mike Hallett
    Jimmy White

10. What were the odds on Joe Johnson winning the 1986 World Championships at the start of the event?
    150 - 1
    50 -1
    200 - 1
    1000 - 1

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Compiled Sep 12 14