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Utterly Random II

Created by gethinych

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Difficult [C]
Utterly Random II game quiz
"My second quiz. I've vaguely followed the categories from the first, so 'random' is now something of a misnomer. If you repeat something random enough times it becomes traditional - humans, eh?!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these countries made no claim upon land in Antarctica during the 20th Century?
    United States of America
    United Kingdom

2. Where did Olaf Stapledon's 'Last Men' live?
    The Moon

3. Who was the first Manchester United player since George Best (1968) to score 20 LEAGUE goals in a season?
    Dwight Yorke
    Mark Hughes
    Brian McClair
    Eric Cantona

4. What was the name of Dangermouse's arch-enemy?
    Colonel K
    Jeopardy Gerbil
    Baron Greenback

5. Who was Prime Minister of Britain when the US Declaration of Independence was signed?
    Paul Revere
    William Pitt the Elder
    Lord North
    William Pitt the Younger

6. NFL: Who were the protagonists of the infamous 'Fog Bowl' (NFC Divisional Playoff 1988)?
    Bears & Cowboys
    Packers & Vikings
    49ers & Packers
    Eagles & Bears

7. The points at which the gravitational pull from the earth and the sun cancel each other out (for a third small body) are known as what?
    roche points
    van allen points
    lagrange points
    negagrav points

8. Which male first name connects Gerbert of Aurillac (born 955AD, died 1003AD) with Tweety Pie (of 'I tawt I saw a puddy tat' fame)?
    Answer: (One Word, Nine Letters)

9. 'PHOTINT' is Photographic Intelligence. 'SIGINT' is Signal Intelligence. What kind of intelligence is 'HUMINT'?
    Answer: (One Word, Five Letters)

10. Obscure 'The Simpsons' Question: Who does bar-fly Barney believe to be the greatest British Prime Minister?
    Pitt the Elder
    Lord Palmerston
    Margaret Thatcher
    Tony Blair

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Compiled May 16 14