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2002 Ryder Cup

Created by crispyspiders

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2002 Ryder Cup game quiz
"This is a quiz about the Ryder Cup which was held between 27th and 29th September 2002."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where was the 2002 Ryder Cup held?
    St Andrews
    Ganton GC
    The Belfry

2. Europe won the competition, but what was the final score?
    Europe 15.5, USA 12.5
    Europe 15, USA 13
    Europe 17, USA 11
    Europe 14.5, USA 13.5

3. What was the par for the course where the 2002 Ryder Cup was held?

4. After the first day, what was the score?
    Europe 4.5, USA 3.5
    Europe 5, USA 3
    Europe 7, USA 5
    Europe 3.5, USA 4.5

5. Which discipline uses one ball per pair, with golfers from the same side taking alternate shots with the one ball?
    Answer: ( One Word .. either Fourballs or Foursomes)

6. Which American pair were the first two players in the first day's fourballs?
    Duval and Love III
    Mickleson and Toms
    Hoch and Furyk
    Woods and Azinger

7. At the end of the second day, what was the score?
    Europe 9, USA 7
    Europe 8.5, USA 7.5
    Europe 8, USA 8
    Europe 7.5, USA 8.5

8. Which European was the first singles player?
    Bernhard Langer
    Colin Montgomerie
    Sergio Garcia
    Darren Clarke

9. USA only won two of the singles matches. David Toms beat Sergio Garcia in one game, but who won the other game?
    Scott Verplank
    Davis Love III
    Paul Azinger
    Tiger Woods

10. Who was Europe's team captain?
    Mark James
    Nick Faldo
    Sam Torrance
    Tony Jacklin

11. Which player holed the putt which sealed the win for Europe?
    Darren Clarke
    Paul McGinley
    Padraig Harrington
    Pierre Fulke

12. On the 18th hole in the match played between Paul Azinger and Niclas Fasth, which player was nearest to the hole after their tee shot?
    Answer: ( One word ... Azinger or Fasth, A or F)

13. Which player was the last to tee off for the Europeans, playing against Tiger Woods?
    Bernhard Langer
    Philip Price
    Jesper Parnevik
    Lee Westwood

14. Which European player beat the world number 2 Phil Mickleson in the singles matches?
    Colin Montgomerie
    Lee Westwood
    Philip Price
    Sergio Garcia

15. How many matches (singles and pairs) did Colin Montgomerie win during this Ryder Cup?

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