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TV Decade - The 1960s

Created by cag1970

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 1960s TV
TV Decade  The 1960s game quiz
"The 1960s were a time of social unrest and change. It was also a time of classic TV shows and TV firsts. See how much you know about TV from that time!"

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1. When the Clampett clan left the country life for Beverly Hills, who did Jed leave in charge of his old house?
    His sister Maggie
    His cousin Pearl
    His brother Clyde
    His brother Paul

2. Who was originally cast in the role of comedy writer Robert Petrie?
    Carl Reiner
    Clint Eastwood
    Bob Crane
    Richard Deacon

3. In addition to being Jack Paar's sidekick on "The Tonight Show", Hugh Downs served as host to what daytime game show during the 1960s?
    "Name That Tune"
    "Beat The Clock"

4. Which network(s) broadcast the first Super Bowl?
    Both CBS and NBC
    Both ABC and NBC
    NBC only
    ABC, CBS and NBC

5. On the TV series "Bewitched", what was the last name of Darrin and Samantha Stevens' nosy neighbors?

6. On the series "Mister Ed", what was Wilbur Post's occupation?

7. Which of the following masters of ceremonies was the host of the original "Price Is Right" during the 1960s?
    Bud Collyer
    Ralph Edwards
    Allen Ludden
    Bill Cullen

8. Shiloh Ranch, the setting of the TV series "The Virginian", could be found in what state?

9. In the TV series "Branded", Jason McCord is wrongly court-martialed for desertion after what battle?
    Battle of Little Big Horn
    Battle of Sioux Falls
    Battle of Fort Sumter
    Battle of Bitter Creek

10. What was the showcase event of the premiere episode of "CBS Sports Spectacular" on January 3, 1960?
    A Harlem Globetrotters exhibition
    An NBA regular season game
    The NFL championship game
    An NHL regular season game

11. What was the name of the American research submarine that served as the setting of the TV series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"?

12. On the legal drama "The Defenders", which actor played young lawyer Kenneth Preston?
    Dustin Hoffman
    Jon Voight
    Robert Reed
    Clint Eastwood

13. Why did George C. Scott quit his role as social worker Neil Brock on the short-lived CBS series "East Side, West Side"?
    His character was called upon to use a racial slur.
    His contract was up.
    He quit so that he could film "Dr. Strangelove".
    He couldn't dance with a black woman.

14. Which of the following stars was NOT a regular on the prime-time soap opera "Peyton Place"?
    Ruby Dee
    Ossie Davis
    Gena Rowlands
    Ryan O'Neal

15. In what year did the animal-documentary series "Wild Kingdom" premiere?

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