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Monsters, Inc.

Created by celticpride

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Monsters Inc game quiz
"This is a quiz about the Disney movie 'Monsters, Inc.'"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What time does Sulley wake up in the morning?

2. Randall became the top scarer at one time.

3. What was Boo's door decorated with?
    Pink and blue butterflies
    Different colored leaves
    Different colored flowers
    Blue and white bunnies

4. What was one of the pictures Boo drew?
    Just Sulley
    Her door

5. When Sulley brings Boo to work, what day does Mike tell Mr. Waternoose it is?
    Daughter to work day
    Obscure relative to work day
    Stranger to work day
    Human to work day

6. How does Randall know Mike has something to do with the kid?
    Sees Boo with Mike
    Overhears Sulley and Mike talking
    Sees Mike in the newspaper
    He saw Mike when he was working late

7. What do the two CDA people come up to Sulley for?
    Arrest him
    No CDA people came up to him
    Ask him questions
    Get his autograph

8. When Mike and Sulley are banished, what does the Abominable Snow Man try to give them?
    Ice Cream
    Hot Chocolate
    Snow Cones

9. How do they get rid of Randall?
    Banish him
    He gets arrested by the CDA
    Fire him
    Throw him in a door and break it

10. What character from 'Toy Story' makes a cameo in the credits?
    Stinky Pete

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Compiled Jul 28 14