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Australian 1970s Punk Rock

Created by roket555

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Australian 1970s Punk Rock game quiz
"Many of the early punk bands got their start in Australia. Here are a few questions about the main protagonists. Enjoy!"

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1. The Saints created some wonderful punk racket that dragged them into the legendary status. They were previously known as...
    Ed and the Oxley Boys
    Simon Templar and the Saints
    Kid Galahad and the Eternals
    Kid Eternal and the Saints

2. Across the world, the early days of Punk gave everyone an excuse to give themselves a funny name. Which of the following was adopted by Tracy Pew, bassist with The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party?
    Tracy Spew
    Buddy Love
    James Fraud
    Nicky Danger

3. Radio Birdman had a huge effect on the underground music scene in Australia, but guitarist Chris Masuak originated from which country?
    New Zealand

4. More silly punk rock names...the lead singer and guitarist with Western Austalia's infamous Victims was called...
    Dave Victim
    Dave Flick
    Dave Death
    Dave Durge

5. X were a brilliant Sydney punk band dating back to 1977 and were responsible for the amazing 'X-spirations' album. Which of the following bands did not include their bass player, Ian Rilen?
    Band of Light
    Rose Tattoo
    Radio Birdman

6. Brisbane's notorious punk uber-gods, The Leftovers only released one EP 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' in 1979. They also had a charming name for their record label. Which of the following was it called?
    Punji Stick
    Yellow Peril
    50 Pair of Jackboots

7. Another great punk band of the era were Melbourne's Babeez. They released only one independent 45 'Nobody Wants Me' in 1977 which had a rather fetching cover. What image was featured on the cover in question?
    An Aborted Foetus
    Hippy with a Flower
    A Car Wreck
    Three Legged Dog

8. When it looked like Punk might be the next big thing, old-school Australian record labels like Mushroom decided they needed a punk band too. What was the name of the band that Mushroom signed in 1977, thinking that they would make a fortune overnight?
    XL Capris

9. The Go-Betweens, though not usually associated with the Punk scene, did associate with enough of the usual suspects to become involved in one way or another. The original duo of Robert and Grant used the drummer of which of the following bands?
    The Survivors

10. A great punk pop band from the early Brisbane scene were The Riptides. Which of the following names was not one of their previous names?
    Neon Steel
    The Grudge
    The Numbers
    Gang Gajang

11. Sydney band Died Pretty were basically the amalgam of what 2 late 70's Brisbane bands?
    Screaming Tribesmen & The 31st
    The End & The Fun Things
    The Fun Things & The Aliens
    The End & The 31st

12. One of the songs on the debut record by Brisbane band Razar makes mention of a particular branch of the Queensland Police Force. It was?
    Tactical Response
    Special Squad
    Task Force
    Special Forces

13. The Young Identities were a bunch of snotty kids from the suburbs of Brisbane. They released two singles on their own label, but they were, as their name pronounced, young. How old was their vocalist Clayton McLeod when the band first formed in 1977?

14. While Edmund Kuepper was busy with The Saints, brother Wolfgang formed his own snarling punk band. What was their name?
    The Chosen Few
    The Same 13
    Mute 44
    Just Urbain

15. Sydney bands' The Thought Criminals first EP was named after what
very anti-social occurance in Austalian History?
    The Cane Toad Invasion
    The Red Bikini Girl Affair
    The Whisky Au-Go-go Fire
    The Hilton Bomber

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