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28 Days

Created by princessrae136

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28 Days game quiz
"This is a great movie. Hope you've paid attention."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does Gwen do for a living?
    she doesn't have a job
    she's a barmaid
    she's a journalist
    she's a stripper

2. What kind of problem does Gwen have?
    her dog died
    not enough sleep
    she broke up with her boyfriend

3. "You know, most people come to rehab not to get loaded." "Yeah well, I try not to..."
    blend in
    do that stuff
    get caught
    run with the pack

4. Why does Gwen go to rehab?
    she drove drunk and crashed into a house
    she was arrested in a bar
    she was found passed out
    she wanted to get help

5. What is the name of the guy she is dating?

6. How does Gwen's roomate die?
    jumps out the window
    gets hit by a car
    cuts her wrists

7. What happens to Gwen when she gets out of rehab?
    she's sober
    she gets hit by a car
    she goes back to drinking
    she moves away

8. "An eyelash curler. What am I gonna do with that...?"
    curl my tongue to death
    pull my eyes out
    stab myself in the eye
    break someone's fingers

9. Gwen's mom died how?
    drug overdose
    she didn't die
    fell down the steps
    alcohol poisoning

10. Gwen has an older sister, what's her name?

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Compiled Jun 28 12