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Stephen Ambrose Memorial: His Life and Work

Created by mickeygreeneyes

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Stephen Ambrose Memorial His Life and Work game quiz
"I am a great admirer of the late Stephen Ambrose and these questions concern his life and work. "

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1. When and where was Stephen Ambrose born?
    1936; Lovington, Illinois
    1933; Billings, Montana
    1934; Caribou, Maine
    1930; Massillon, Ohio

2. Stephen Ambrose attended what two universities?
    UC Berkely and Ohio State
    Cornell and Wake Forest
    Stanford and Arizona State
    University of Wisconsin and Louisiana State

3. Aside from writing, how did Stephen Ambrose make his living from 1960 to 1995?
    selling insurance
    managing a real estate office
    selling Saabs

4. How did Stephen Ambrose come to be President Eisenhower's biographer?
    Eisenhower asked him.
    Eisenhower's widow Mamie asked him.
    His editor talked him into it.
    The biography grew out of his Master's thesis.

5. When he was judging America's three greatest achievements, the top one of each of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, all of Stephen Ambrose's choices had to do with...
    social change

6. Stephen Ambrose chronicled the lives of all of these EXCEPT?
    General Douglas MacArthur
    President Richard Nixon
    General Henry Halleck
    Crazy Horse

7. In "Band of Brothers," the "brothers" Stephen Ambrose wrote about were in what type of military unit?
    bomber squadron
    tank platoon
    submarine crew
    airborne infantry

8. "Band of Brothers" is probably Stephen Ambrose's best-known work because it was made into an outstanding mini-series. It appeared on...

9. According to Stephen Ambrose's book "D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II," on what date did German resistance on the beaches themselves end?
    June 7
    June 10
    June 8
    June 6

10. "Pegasus Bridge" was the story of how glider troops took and held a key bridge code-named Pegasus in a daring pre-dawn attack on D-Day. What army did these troops belong to?
    the French Army
    the United States Army
    the British Army
    the Canadian Army

11. The first two words of this book's title are "Undaunted Courage." (If I told you the rest of the title, it would give this answer away.) What is the book about?
    the Lewis and Clark expedition
    the Battle of Britain
    winners of the Medal of Honor
    Custer's Last Stand

12. The first 6 words of this book's title are "Nothing Like It in the World." (If I told you the rest, it would give this answer away.) What story did Stephen Ambrose tell in this book?
    the invention of the ironclad warship
    the construction of the Panama Canal
    the building of America's transcontinental railroad
    the building of Hoover Dam

13. What is the subject of Stephen Ambrose's book "Citizen Soldiers"?
    the US Army in Northern Europe during World War II
    the Army of the Potomac in the Civil War
    the US Marines in the Pacific Theatre in World War II
    the members of the military on the home front during World War II

14. "The Wild Blue" was written by Stephen Ambrose as a history of, and tribute to, the men who flew a certain type of airplane in World War II. What type of plane was it?
    the P-51 fighter
    the B-24 bomber
    the B-17 bomber
    the B-29 bomber

15. What is the title of Stephen Ambrose's book published on or about October 22, 2002?
    To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian
    American Dream: My Tribute to a Great Country
    An American Journey
    American Ideals at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century

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