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1 Endangered: The Beautiful Amur Leopard
The Amur leopard is, sadly, one of the most endangered animals on the planet. A census performed in 2007 counted less than 30 of these beautiful animals alive in the wild.
10 Q
Oct 21 12
372 plays
2 Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
The tawny eyes of the tiger burn bright as they fight for survival in their seriously endangered world. How much do you know about these fascinating creatures?
10 Q
Jun 20 12
984 plays
3 Pride and Prejudice
How much do you know about the social organization of African lions?
10 Q
Jun 02 11
2244 plays
4 Lynx
Lynx are beautiful wildcats that can be found in various parts of the world. How much do you know about this member of the Felidae family?
10 Q
Jun 18 12
1485 plays
5 Top of the Food Chain
All of these cats are listed as apex predators, meaning that once they reach maturity they are not preyed upon by others. These graceful animals represent some of those at the "Top of the Food Chain".
10 Q
May 04 12
2850 plays
6 This Kitty Goes Rawr
If wild cats could post a status update on a social networking site, perhaps it might look like this. Can you identify which cat would make the update?
10 Q
Mar 02 12
2442 plays
7 The Magnificent Jaguar
Here are ten questions about one of the world's most beautiful cats, the jaguar. Just how much do you know about this elusive predator?
10 Q
Jun 18 12
1764 plays
8 The Striking Leopard
This quiz covers those gorgeous spotted cats, the leopards. From the clouded leopard, to the snow leopard, this quiz covers most of them!
10 Q
Mar 17 07
4425 plays
9 A Quiz on Mountain Lions
Test your knowledge of America's native cat!
10 Q
Feb 19 00
3978 plays
10 Tigers
My favorite animal has always been the tiger. Let's see how much you know about this majestic animal!
10 Q
Jun 28 03
8799 plays
11 Oh My Kodkod!
The kodkod; perhaps you've never heard of one before, but hopefully you can still score fairly well on the quiz. Good luck.
10 Q
Jun 20 12
1152 plays
12 Tigers
Tigers are one of the most beautiful yet dangerous animals. Sadly, their numbers are decreasing day by day. We must only pledge to protect it. To know more about it, play this quiz!
10 Q
Aug 26 12
537 plays
13 Honey, Where's the Iriomote?
The Iriomote is a small wild cat that is critically endangered. What do you know about the Iriomote cat?
10 Q
Jul 03 12
267 plays
14 Cheetahs: Really Really Fast Critters
Cheetahs are definitely my favorite animal in the world. Everyone knows that cheetahs are fast, but what else do you know?
10 Q
Apr 30 05
2016 plays
15 About the King and Queen of the Jungle
This quiz is regarding my favorite animal, the lion. Only attempt if you know wildlife.
15 Q
Apr 21 04
3795 plays
16 Tigers: The Striped Cats
Take a quiz on my favorite animal, the magnificent big cat, the tiger. These striped cats are lone assassins of the wild. What do you know about them?
15 Q
Dec 06 12
573 plays
17 Beware of the Leopard
This quiz is about the fascinating predator, the leopard.
10 Q
May 26 13
375 plays
18 African Lions
This is about the African Lion, one of my favorite animals in the animal kingdom! GRRRRRR!
10 Q
May 06 01
7146 plays
19 Cheetahs
The cheetah is my favorite animal. It's the fastest land animal in the world. It's also very graceful with its long slender legs and small head. Hope you like my quiz!
15 Q
Jun 02 01
6459 plays
20 Wild Cats
I will describe a wild cat, and you have to quess which cat I am talking about!
10 Q
Mar 20 08
2370 plays
21 Jammin' Jaguarundis
You're probably wondering what a "jaguarundi" is. A jaguarundi is a fascinating endangered wild cat. Test your knowledge about them here.
10 Q
Bubu Monkey
Jul 30 03
810 plays
22 All about the Clouded Leopard
Clouded leopards are my favourite big cats. They are extremely beautiful and rarely sighted which makes them even more special. Try this quiz and find out more.
15 Q
Jan 23 02
1335 plays
23 Small Cats
This is a quiz on small cats like lynxes, bobcats and ocelots. How much do you know about these small wild cats? Take this quiz to find out. Good luck!
20 Q
Aug 19 00
2172 plays
24 Proper Names For Wild Cats
I'll give you the scientific name for a wild cat. You try and pick the common name. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
10 Q
Mar 25 02
2463 plays
25 Ocelots
How much do you know about this beautiful member of the cat family?
10 Q
Jun 02 05
705 plays
26 Lesser-known Felines
Here is a quiz on the not-so-famous members of the Felidae family. Enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 27 07
1038 plays
27 The Serval
This is my quiz on the Serval. The Serval is a spotted cat of the African plains. Hope you enjoy my quiz.
10 Q
Jun 22 01
876 plays
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* Which of the following states was the first to ban mountain lion hunting?
* Which two states were the first to ban mountain lion hunting with hounds?
* The 'hot spot' for mountain lion attacks on humans in North America is:
* Mountain lion cubs differ in appearance from adult lions in that they are:
* The primary prey of the mountain lion is:

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