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These puzzles have answers that rhyme.   There are 91 quizzes in this category.
Animal Rhymes

Each answer is a pair of rhyming words which fit the definition. e.g. 'Obese feline' is 'fat cat'. The answer is always two words, the first an adjective, the second the animal.
Difficult (10 qns)
May 19 00
3456 plays
More Sounds the Same

More fun with homophones -- words that sound the same but are spelled differently. No punctuation -- just the words, please!
Average (10 qns)
Apr 04 10
699 plays
All You Need Is Gloves

Fill in each blank with two rhyming words (and sometimes another word like "a" or "he") about things we wear to keep our hands warm. Word lengths and other hints are given.
Average (10 qns)
Mar 27 13
285 plays
Double Dare You CelebRhymes

Here's yet another in the endless series of celebrity rhyme games, if the feeding frenzy didn't scare you off, I double dare you on this one. Kline's paradises = Kevin's heavens
Average (10 qns)
Jul 14 02
1572 plays
Hinky Pinkys

Hinky Pinkys are challanging word play games. Here is how you do them. I will give you two clues, then you have to is find a synonym for each word, and they have to rhyme. Here is an example: Q:What is wealthy sorceress? A:Rich Witch
Tough (10 qns)
Nov 25 06
1680 plays
Never say Never Celebrity Name Rhymes

Never say never again you'll do one of these games. I had a few more cluttering up my mental attic so here are some just for you. Just match the celebrity's last name with the rhyme. Kevin's traffic citations = Kline's fines. Real and Fictional character
Tough (15 qns)
Mar 13 01
1227 plays
Food for Thought?

Here are some rhyming riddles with edible answers. Have fun!
Average (5 qns)
Jan 12 04
2799 plays
Rhyming Riddles

Riddles that rhyme - that could be fun! - Give them a try - you might solve every one.
Tough (5 qns)
Jan 15 04
3468 plays
Celebrity Rhyme Feeding Frenzy

Here's yet another quiz in a never-ending series, for serious celebrhyme connoisseurs! Just follow the clues and the pattern as follows: Douglas'tricycles = Mike's trikes.
Tough (10 qns)
Jun 18 02
2484 plays
Time to Rhyme 2

This is just like the last one. The answer rhymes. Casual waltz is a chance dance. Have fun. It was really fun making it up.
Tough (15 qns)
Jun 18 01
3018 plays
A Miming Whiz

Actually, it's a rhyming quiz. I will give you four words that don't seem to relate to each other at all. Find words that rhyme with those words, and tell me the common bond! Example in question 1. Good luck!
Very Difficult (10 qns)
Nov 11 10
249 plays
Rhymetime #2

Each answer is an exact two word rhyme, and I will give clues for each. Your job, if you so choose, is to be the poet. Note: Answers must be in the same order as described in clues.
Difficult (10 qns)
Apr 23 06
660 plays
Halloween Hinky Pinkys

A hinky pinky is a word play game in which I give a phrase. You have to find a two-word synonym for the phrase that rhymes. For example: Q: What do you call a wealthy sorceress? A: Rich Witch Have fun and please mail me any questions or comments!
Difficult (10 qns)
Dec 26 06
1266 plays
Supreme Celebrity Rhyme Dreams

Bruyere hasn't done any of these in a long time so they aren't for the faint-hearted. So just find the surname or last name of the celebrity named and the object and type it in carefully. Example: Della's morsels= Reeses' pieces. Good luck!
Difficult (10 qns)
May 12 02
1239 plays
The Lion's Game

Lenny the Lie-on Lion is very laid back, he likes to let his friends have their own way, hence his nickname. His favourite game at his parties is inventing similar sound-alike soubriquets for his friends. Can you tell who is at this party?
Tough (15 qns)
May 07 11
210 plays
More Hinky Pinkys

Here is another Hinky Pinky quiz. A Hinky Pinky is when I give you two words. You have to find a synonym for each word that rhymes with the other. For example: Q:What is a wealthy sorceress? A:Rich Witch
Average (10 qns)
Dec 16 06
1083 plays
Celebrity Name Rhymes:the Apocalypse

This one should challenge your little grey cells as Poirot might say. Just find a rhyme for the celebrity's last name that goes with the clue. Example: Johnny's preachers = Carson's parsons. (Heeeeere's...) Good luck! You'll probably need it.
Tough (10 qns)
Feb 15 01
2388 plays
Looting and Polluting

Each question includes two clues (marked in CAPITALS) to two different words where the second word ends in a homophone of the first. The homophone part of the words will rhyme but not always the whole words. Answer in the order the clues are given.
Average (10 qns)
Feb 03 16
186 plays
Sounds Like a Homophone #1

Each answer consists of two words that sound the same but are spelled differently.
Difficult (10 qns)
Jan 03 06
822 plays
Devious Dastardly CelebRhymes

A good celebrity rhyme quiz for me, is an unusual combination, so this should fit the bill! Ex: Sarah Jessica's felt pens = Parker's markers
Tough (10 qns)
Jun 23 02
2193 plays
Off the Deep End Celeb Name Rhymes

This one is out there, way out, off the deep end. There are television and movie characters as well as real celebrities. I'd turn back if this is your first one! rules are the same: Kline's paradises = Kevin's heavens.
Average (10 qns)
Mar 03 01
2301 plays
No Rhyme Nor Reason

Dough More Fit! Can you figure out the famous popular saying by using words that rhyme with each word in the given statement? The hints are people who might be saying the real quote. Come on, go for it!
Average (10 qns)
Jan 31 11
273 plays
Danny's Grannies

I give you a clue such as 'Kaye's parents' moms.' You supply the rhyme, e.g. Danny's grannies. Spelling counts! First names only. DO include apostrophes.
Tough (25 qns)
Aug 01 01
1281 plays
People Rhymes 7

You are given the first or last name of a poet. Rhyme it with a word that meets the definition given with the name. e.g. Shakespeare's pens = Will's quills. Don't forget the apostrophe.
Tough (10 qns)
Feb 15 03
1098 plays
As Moot as a Glutton

Each answer is a trite simile like 'as cute as a button.' The clues are rhymes like 'as moot as a glutton.' Have fun!
Average (10 qns)
Dec 05 01
861 plays
Twisted Duos

Below are some famous duos hidden in rhyme. Example, Mutt and fry would be Cut and dry. Can you figure them out? Please give me feedback.
Tough (25 qns)
Jul 29 01
1680 plays
October Fun

Conan O'Brien did a comedy bit renaming the month of October in honor of Mr. Spock - 'Spocktober.' Let's see some others that can be created.
Difficult (10 qns)
Oct 03 01
867 plays
Twisted Duos 3

Below are some famous duos hidden in rhyme. Example, Mutt and fry would be Cut and dry. Can you figure them out?
Average (10 qns)
Aug 02 01
2448 plays
It's Clutch and Flow

With homage to MollyGrue's Twisted Duo quizzes. I give you a rhyme for a well-known phrase, pair, or group that includes 'and,' e.g. 'clutch and flow.' You type in the correct phrase, e.g. 'touch and go.' Please try 'Hissing and Cloning,' too.
Average (25 qns)
Aug 14 01
984 plays
Where No Celebrity Rhymes Have Gone Before

For your amusement and my palette, I use some fictional characters' names as well as real celebs. Plus new improved clues! You know the rules: find a rhyme for the celebrity's last name plus the object. Example: Cary's trousers = Grant's pants. Enjoy!
Tough (15 qns)
Feb 23 01
1092 plays
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