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1 A Verb Short of a Sentence
A verb is the word that describes the action in a sentence. Please choose the best verb from those suggested so that the sentences make sense. Good luck! :)
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 04 14
432 plays
2 Scavenger Hunt
Follow the clues to bring you from place to place! Get to the end of the line to collect your reward. Good luck!
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 16 05
19743 plays
3 Dice or Die?
When you talk about one thing, you use a singular. When you talk about several things, you use a plural. Some plurals aren't quite as obvious as they might appear to be. Let's have a look at some.
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 15 12
1602 plays
4 Play Around with Letters
This quiz involves simple vocabulary knowledge, counting exercises and a bit more. Kids and kids at heart - you're most welcome to enjoy it!
10 Q
May 05 08
6417 plays
5 Awesome Adjectives!
Without adjectives our conversations and writing would be boring! Adjectives add description and detail to our speech and our writing.
10 Q
Oct 04 08
4470 plays
6 Put on Your Thinking Cap
This quiz is about American and/or British English sayings that have to do with clothing. I'll give you a saying. You tell what you think the saying means. For example, to put on your thinking cap means to think hard or carefully.
10 Q
Jul 29 02
12594 plays
7 The Green Kangaroo Twirls
This quiz is about naming words like "kangaroo," action words like "twirls," and describing words like "green."
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 16 02
9042 plays
8 Tantalizing Tongue Twisters for Tots
Here is a quiz about some commonly known tongue twisters. Memorizing and reciting tongue twisters will help you with pronunciation and they are fun to say.
Very Easy
10 Q
Dec 01 12
1086 plays
9 Do Not Pass Go
Please don't go rushing past GO. Stay and visit for a little while and learn something about things that start with these two letters.
10 Q
Jul 02 13
1557 plays
10 Pay Attention, Class
Team quiz by The Devious Demons
In either spelling or grammar, find the word, in each of the following sentences, that is incorrect.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jun 26 10
2574 plays
11 Nouns and Verbs for Children
This is a quiz for children just learning about nouns and verbs. Hopefully it is very simple.
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 29 03
14274 plays
12 Find The Link!
I'll give you two or more words and you just tell me which answer has the most in common with those words. Don't forget to read the information. You might learn something new and interesting.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jul 13 09
2472 plays
13 Syllables
A syllable is a unit or a section of a word. Try to figure out the number of syllables in each phrase with this quiz. Also learn some interesting facts about each phrase!
Very Easy
10 Q
May 13 07
7068 plays
14 Grammar for Kids
The following quiz will test the child's ability to identify the parts of speech from the sentence shown.
10 Q
Nov 20 10
1668 plays
15 Odd One Out
Which is the odd one out? Find out in this quiz.
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 12 06
9195 plays
16 The Wonderful World of Words
I'll give you a sentence and then ask you a question about one of the words in it. Enjoy!
Very Easy
10 Q
Sep 21 13
936 plays
17 Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter I
A children's quiz about the letter 'S' written in first person. Those who remember the rhyme to spell Mississippi will know the origins of the title.
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 27 13
924 plays
18 Pass
There are many ways in which the word "PASS" is used in everyday phrases. Can you identify the context or complete the phrases here?
10 Q
Jun 23 13
930 plays
19 Did I Write it Right?
Hello all, this is my first quiz for the year 2013. I hope you enjoy it :)
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 03 13
984 plays
20 Parts of Speech
Kids! Let us some more fun. I will give you a word and you have to identify which part of speech that word is.
10 Q
May 24 05
6957 plays
21 What Does Not Belong?
This is a short, five question quiz where kids can find out one of the four things that does not belong in the group.
Very Easy
5 Q
Jan 25 01
16248 plays
22 If At First You Don't Succeed...
Morgan hasn't succeeded in holding on to her boyfriend and solving a mystery. George steps in, but he needs help. Can you help him?
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 15 12
1140 plays
23 The Syllable Quiz: Beginner
Welcome! I've decided to write a set of quizzes on syllables, starting with beginner and then the next quizzes will increase in difficulty! Good luck and have fun. :-)
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 24 11
1392 plays
24 Letter Adventure Alliteration
Parents can help their little ones learn their letters through this quiz. The first letter of each word is the answer! Another great activity that can be done with this quiz is drawing pictures to go with each statement. Are you ready?
Very Easy
10 Q
Oct 24 05
3759 plays
25 Alphabetonics
How much do you know about the alphabet? These puzzles and cryptic questions will test your knowldge.
10 Q
Feb 12 13
816 plays
26 Words That Don't Rhyme With Anything!
Dr. Seuss can make any word rhyme...But in the English language, which of the following words do NOT have a "REAL" rhyming word that can be found in the average concise household dictionary?
10 Q
Aug 31 11
1329 plays
27 Jeff's Odd One Out 1
This is my first odd one out quiz where you find out one of the four things that does not belong in the group.
10 Q
Dec 26 11
936 plays
28 I can sing the rainbow
A rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, but what if the colours were in alphabetical order?
10 Q
Jan 19 11
1089 plays
29 Time for a Change
In other quizzes I have sorted out the numerical system and the rainbow, now it is time to alphabetise time.
10 Q
Jan 22 11
813 plays
This is category 5329
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Carrots, peas, celery, bananas. What does not belong?
* Cows, sheep, elephants, pigs. Which one does not belong (hint: think about where they live!)?
* Pigs, lions, tigers, cheetahs. Which one does not belong?
* Apples, oranges, potatoes, grapes. Which one does not belong?
* Dogs, cats, mice, lizards. What does not belong?

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