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This sub-category deals with voodoo, superstitions, myths, and monsters--both spooky and mundane. Quizzes on magic are found in the subcategory below.

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1 Gesundheit!
Atchoo! Gesundheit! Sneezing throughout the ages and throughout the world has had some wonderful superstitions attached to it - here are a just a few
10 Q
Aug 12 09
5355 plays
2 British Creatures and Places in Legend, Part 1
England is ripe with legends and myths that are steeped in history and might-have-been. Here are several of the more interesting ones I've visited recently. You can also Google Earth each of these locations.
10 Q
Jan 19 09
2874 plays
3 Superstition, Folklore & Myth from Ireland
Do You Know Any Irish Superstitions, Myths and Folklore?
10 Q
Dec 21 06
5031 plays
4 Cosmopolitan Beliefs, Customs and Gestures
This is a group effort from the "Lost Connection." Given the diverse assembly of our membership, a potpourri of questions about superstitions, customs and gestures is offered for your delight.
10 Q
Dec 19 09
1350 plays
5 Do You Feel Lucky?
I hope you do feel lucky because my luck has been awful lately. Please help me change it by playing this quiz on popular superstitions.
10 Q
Nov 11 09
6639 plays
6 Marie Laveau & Voodoo
This is a quiz on the great Marie Laveau and some Voodoo in general. Enjoy!
20 Q
Aug 02 00
2973 plays
7 Little Miss Lucky
My friend Little Miss Lucky was telling me about some of the things that people around the world think bring good luck. How many of these things have you heard of?
10 Q
Jan 11 12
2181 plays
8 Yours Truly Stinks!
I've recently become terrified of things that go bump in the night. I've done my research and found some flowers, plants and herbs which will protect me. The downside is this; yours truly stinks! Can you identify some protective plants?
10 Q
May 24 10
1230 plays
9 Strange Twists of Luck
This quiz is on people who were lucky or unlucky. I hope you enjoy my quiz.
10 Q
Oct 08 02
4971 plays
10 The Magic of Mancy
Words with the suffix "-mancy" are used to describe anything relating to prophecy or divining the future. Can you use your magical divination to answer this pictorial quiz?
10 Q
May 07 13
1188 plays
11 More Monsters
Following the popularity (well, lots of people have played it!) of my first monster quiz, I'm having another go. I hope you join me!
10 Q
Mar 01 04
5580 plays
12 Old Wives' Tales
Many old wives' tales have basis in scientific fact. Others are simply old wives' tales. In this quiz you will tell me which ones are fact and which are fiction.
10 Q
Nov 13 01
29634 plays
13 Myth, Superstitions, Lore
More Lore, Myth, Superstition & Old Wives Tales from Scotland.
10 Q
Nov 08 06
4458 plays
14 Famous Haunted Places
Unexplainable things such as temperature drops, apparations and strange sounds are reported everyday to police. What are these things caused from? Ghosts? Spirits? Or are they all just a coincidence?
Very Difficult
10 Q
Aug 04 07
2850 plays
15 Mama Always Told Me So
Many of us grew up hearing, and sometimes believing, these "old wives tales". These are a few I remember from childhood. (Some may be exclusive to the Southern US.)
10 Q
Oct 12 13
1032 plays
16 The Evil Forebodings of Nostradamus
This quiz contains questions relative to ten of the world's worst events which arose in line with Nostradamus' predictions. I will provide all or part of his quote, and you have to identify the event that it is linked to.
10 Q
Oct 28 13
735 plays
17 Stroke of Luck
Around the world, there are many symbols considered lucky or that provide a "stroke of luck". Test your knowledge on them. Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 30 13
1008 plays
18 Match the Manias
The phobias seem to get all the attention; let's spend some time matching the manias.
10 Q
May 05 15
375 plays
19 Old Wives Tales and Superstitions
If you take this quiz and then sneeze twice, you will have good luck. If you take this quiz and then sneeze three times, you're probably getting the flu.
10 Q
Jul 09 10
1803 plays
20 Warding off bad luck
Being superstitious can paralyze you. Here are some ways to ward off all that bad luck.
10 Q
Sep 04 02
5955 plays
21 Three Major Monsters
This quiz is about three major monsters, dragons, vampires and werewolves. It's just for fun, but see how much you know about them!
10 Q
Oct 19 03
10590 plays
22 Me and My Every Day Bad Luck
I'm a not-so-lucky kind of guy. This is a quiz on a few of the simplest superstitions I run into on my day to day routine. Can you name them?
10 Q
Dec 20 12
1680 plays
23 Ways and Means to Predict the Future
Different methods and ways of divination that have been used over the centuries.
25 Q
Jul 12 04
3945 plays
24 Sometimes You Eat the Bears!
Team quiz by Scotland the Brains
Some days your luck deserts you, some days your luck is true. Sometimes you eat the bears, sometimes the bears eat you! This is an unusual quiz about luck, bad luck and some bears thrown in for good luck. Quiz by team Scotland the Brains.
15 Q
May 19 10
924 plays
25 Wishing on a Star
This quiz explores superstitions, traditions, magical and religious beliefs associated with stars and other heavenly bodies.
10 Q
Jan 11 11
1704 plays
26 Myths: Vampires- The Undead
A quiz on traditional Vampires. They are fascinating creatures... this quiz is a mixture of questions particularly easy, plus some that may catch you out.
10 Q
Aug 20 02
12876 plays
27 Four Leaf Clovers
The four leaf clover is believed to be a sign of good luck. Evidence though is hard to find, so let your mind dismiss reality for a moment.
10 Q
Feb 01 13
711 plays
28 Black Magic and the Supernatural
This is a little journey into the world of the dark powers.
10 Q
Nov 28 00
7368 plays
29 Once in a while...
...right in the middle of ordinary life, love hands us a fairy tale. Test your knowledge of wedding superstitions and traditions here!
10 Q
Oct 31 12
888 plays
30 Old Superstitions, Myths and Customs
Do you know old superstitions, customs and old wives tales from Scotland? They often say that there is no smoke without fire!
10 Q
Oct 21 06
3972 plays
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