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Scary creatures, ghostly visions, cryptids, monsters, aliens, UFOs, creepy coincidences, and other "unexplained" topics are investigated here!

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1 Unexplained Disappearances
Here are ten questions about some of the more infamous disappearances of people in the last 150 years.
10 Q
Jan 24 08
11103 plays
2 The Legend Of Resurrection Mary
"Resurrection Mary" is one of America's most famous and frequently reported hitchhiking ghosts. How much do you know about the mysterious legend that surrounds her?
10 Q
May 09 05
4356 plays
3 Ancient Echoes: A Forgotten First Civilization?
The many mysteries of the ancient world may be the carefully placed hints of a forgotten people. This quiz focuses on evidence supporting the existence of an unknown, highly advanced, and extremely ancient civilization that disappeared millennia ago.
10 Q
Nov 16 08
2265 plays
4 Just Another Coincidence?
My second quiz about amazing coincidences from around the world.
10 Q
Jul 05 04
8292 plays
5 Perchance to Dream
"To sleep: perchance to dream" said the prince in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". I'll go along with the sleep part but I never remember my dreams. Here are some people who did remember theirs, but not always to their betterment.
10 Q
Jan 23 13
1533 plays
6 Paranormal Obscurum
Paranormal quiz junkies often find themselves encountering the same questions over and over again. This is my attempt to offer some fresh paranormal obscurity.
10 Q
Aug 23 06
3228 plays
7 Parlor Games
During the spiritualist craze that swept the world in the 19th and early 20th centuries, spirit mediums were as well-known as pop and hip hop stars are today. How much do you know about the "parlor games" they played?
10 Q
Feb 21 07
2940 plays
8 Unsolved Mysteries
We are having the first meeting of our newly-formed Mystery Club. Ten of us, each interested in the mysterious or the unknown, ask a question about an unsolved mystery. How much of it are you familiar with?
10 Q
May 01 14
1197 plays
9 A Curse Be Upon You
Some curses are ancient and some curses are new. Some curses are on objects, some on people, and a lot on sports teams. We'll explore the famous, the infamous, and some lesser-known curses that have existed.
15 Q
Apr 29 06
3981 plays
10 The Afterlife
What happens after death? This is one of the most controversial and unexplained topics. Afterlife researchers present quite varied evidence to claim the existence of an afterlife. This quiz covers this evidence without taking a stand on its veracity.
10 Q
Mar 31 08
7560 plays
11 Just a Coincidence?
We all experience coincidences every day of our lives. But for some people, these coincidences are just too amazing to have happened simply by chance. Here are a few of the more bizarre examples.
10 Q
Aug 14 03
11334 plays
12 Supernatural Australia
Some Australians are quite partial to a drink or two (or three, or ...). That might explain the many reports of weird phenomena Down Under. Then again, it might not.
15 Q
Sep 16 09
1107 plays
13 Waverly Hills: Kentucky's Most Haunted
This quiz deals with the history and ghosts of the imposing Waverly Hills of Louisville, Kentucky.
10 Q
Mar 11 09
900 plays
14 The Jersey Devil Is On the Loose!
You and a friend have decided to take a trip to southern New Jersey's Pine Barrens. You are having a wonderful time....until you spot the Jersey Devil! You must answer all the following questions right or he EATS YOU ALIVE! Run for your life!
10 Q
Jan 06 03
4164 plays
15 That Did Not Just Happen
Despite developments in science and historical knowledge, there are still a number of phenomena across the world that leave experts confused. This quiz tests your knowledge of some of them!
10 Q
Feb 12 14
864 plays
16 Getting Cosy With Cryptids
Can you solve the puzzles of these mysterious (and sometimes legendary) creatures?
10 Q
Nov 30 09
2046 plays
17 Hallowe'en Monster Mix-Up
In celebration of the feast of Samhain, here are 15 questions on various monsters and monster-related trivia.
15 Q
Oct 31 01
10272 plays
18 Cryptozoology Trip
Cryptozoology literally means "the science of hidden animals". This includes creatures that may be found in folk tales, those that have been reported extinct, and those whose existence is not yet proven. Let the trip begin!
10 Q
Aug 05 09
3903 plays
19 You Are A Nightmare!
Ever had a nightmare? Ever wondered what certain elements of your dream mean? This quiz will give generally accepted interpretations, which have been taken from "Dream Moods: An Online Guide to Dream Interpretation".
10 Q
Sep 23 09
1287 plays
20 Secrets and Lies
Conspiracy theories fascinate me. With this quiz I hope to share some of the unbelievable secrets our governments tried to cover up... or didn't!
10 Q
Oct 18 08
2598 plays
21 Cryptozoology
Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals not formally recognised by science.
10 Q
May 29 02
5649 plays
22 Strange Things That Fell From The Sky 3
Remember Chicken Little? Maybe sometimes the sky does fall! I hope you have as much fun taking my quiz as I did making it.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Oct 16 02
6219 plays
23 Terrifying Creatures At Large!
North American cryptozoology by state. Which cryptid did you see?
10 Q
Aug 29 09
1893 plays
24 The Chupacabras
Ten question about the mysterious Chupacabras. Enjoy.
10 Q
Nov 21 02
4527 plays
25 Haunted New York City
Of course NYC is haunted, and not just by the ghosts of awful blind dates! Perhaps my city never sleeps because of its many unquiet spirits...
10 Q
Apr 26 05
2061 plays
26 The Myrtles Plantation
The Myrtles Plantation is often considered one of the most haunted places in the U.S. Located in what's known as the "Deep South", it's rich in history and old traditions. Much of the historic plantation hasn't been changed since its original owners.
10 Q
Nov 14 07
1260 plays
27 International Terrifying Creatures at Large!
Those cryptids are at it again. And now they are worldwide! Have you seen any of these monsters on your global travels recently?
10 Q
Sep 27 09
1224 plays
28 With Sharp Pointy Teeth
Reports of big cat sightings come from all over the U.K. some true, some not.
10 Q
Jul 24 09
450 plays
29 More Strange Things That Fell From The Sky
Still not convinced that rain, hail, and snow are not the only things that fall from the sky? Before you venture outside, check what's hitting the ground.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Sep 24 02
3723 plays
30 A Cryptozoology Tour Part 2
It's time for another cryptozoology tour. As in my first quiz, name either the cryptid or the geographical location where it's found. Have fun and bon voyage!
10 Q
Apr 04 14
351 plays
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This is category 502
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Of the following, who is alleged by believers to be highly sensitive to psychic experiences?
* The "Ganzfeld" and "Autoganzfeld" experiments scientifically tested for what psychic phenomena?
* What fell on Bergen, Norway in 1578?
* Legend has it that treasure is buried on Oak Island. This island is located off the coast of:
* An individual who investigated the Roswell UFO incident:

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